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i need a bit of sanity im a new mum with a 9 mth old angel but find that im slowly going mad. is there any coffee groups around the kelvin grove area that dont mind fresh blood? ive lived here most of my life but since Payge was born most of my aquaintainces have dissapeared and all of my friends work. im running out of conversation with my partner as i am a stay at home mum.....
can someone save me???????? smile
hey..Email me

I'm in bulls and go to a Mum's group in palmy..You can come if ya want??

My baby is georgeous!!

Hey Julie it Tamara here lol you know i am keen where are some more mum's?
Hey, I'm in Palmy north and am keen for something to do.
Just to get out of the house lol.
Good morning Tali7, smile
Where are you from and how long you been in palmy for?
If your keen on meeting new People we should catch up for coffee sum time soon.
Childrens day is held at convention centre 11-3 today if you need to get out of the house, I'm going out when Payge wakes from her nap.
let me know what you think smile
Hey, I'm in milson and we moved here from halcombe about 3 months ago.
Yes I'm keen to meet new people. gets a bit lonely at home all day.
How was the Childrens day?
How old is Payge? I love the name.
Hi girls,

My name is Rebecca and my daughter Georgia was born on 03/12/08. I would LOVE to meet some more new mums as I haven't yet a found a coffee group.... any ideas??

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Hey Tali7 sorry last week was nuts I had an Aunty in hospital and the whole family was with her, Shes way better now so I am back to normal, well as normal as you get with a family
Childrens day wasn't really worth the trip would have been much better outside at original venue square or esplinade cant remember wich tho lol.not enough going on and too squished
Payge is 18 mths now and getting bigger every day :)do you want to catch up on Monday? you are welcome to come round here and its relativly child friendly home....
hot coffees and home made baking are a regular feature here as well.
BTW im in kelvin grove so not too far from you:)
have an awesome weekend
Hey Rebecca you are most welcome at my place too. can't help with an established coffee group as i couldnt find one but the three of us can start our own smile
BTW I have a real name.... it's Julie smile
let me know if you girls can make it and what time would be good for you. Payge has just started going down at 1pm for her daily sleep, but anytime is good for me.
look forward to meeting you smile
Hey Julie

Great to hear from you!! Monday sounds fab; I am getting Georgia weighed at the family centre at about 1:30, so maybe after that? How does that sound?



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I'm Steph..think I posted further up the thread but everyone ignored me lol..I'm 23 with Paige who is 18 mths and 41 weeks pregnant with number 2.. We live in Bulls but I come to palmy all the time..Do u think I could join your group?..Email me

My baby is georgeous!!

Hi girls everybody is welcome 1.30 is great and Rebecca look forward to meeting you, Steph you are most welcome and sorry you were ignored earlier but would love to meet you too. Tali7 if you get this in time please come too.
My address is 18 Peter Hall Drive Palmerston North
you can contact me on 021 213 0326
see you all tomorrow.....

PS: does anyone have any special requests for baking? I have to do some tonight was gona make banana cake and some cookies
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