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Hey girls its been a couple of days and I havent herd from anyone,
Rebecca I added you to face book but dont expect anything from me as I have that and bebo to keep up with family in Ausie and other than that dont really use either smile
If you are keen on making a regular coffee group you need to let me know days and times that are good for each of you so we can make this work. Have you had Noah yet Steph? Rebecca and I talked about coming round to you for visit smile
Have an awesome week

julie; was good re-meeting you again on monday lol.
regular coffee group sounds good to me. um... maybe friday afternoons would be best for me. i am pretty flexible though. hope you are all well and steph that you have had noah and if not i hope you're not going too out of your mind.

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Hey Guys..

I had Noah yesterday afternoon at 4.47 weighing 9 pounds..He is so gorgeous. were home now I'm a bit tired and sore the after pains really hurt but apart from that were all doing well..Had a pretty long labour almost 24 hours from induction time but wasn't really painful till the last 3 hours..Never again lol.

My baby is georgeous!!

lol, that's what they all say!!! Seriously, congrats gurl.... looking forward to meeting you both grin

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Congrats hope it all goes well for you Let us know when you are ready for visitors and we will come round :)Most mums that say never again go on to have big families!!!!!
look after your self and make your man do all the hard work for a while to give you rest and bonding time with Noah
Hey Girls, if you want a coffee group please email me or add a post here havent herd from anyone in a while so let me know what youre thinking
Hey guys, aww so sad I missed it.
Been a bit busy, my boys been a bit sick.
Just those colds going round i think.
I like the idea of starting up a group.
Sounds like fun.
Gotta go feed mr now.
Have a great day everyone.
Hi everyone...Im new to this site. Im Zara. Mum to brooke (3) and Juliet (2 on 22nd) and live in feilding. im keen to meet up and have some sanity adult conversation lol....
Hey Zara are you ever in Palmy? would you like me to bring my daughter over to you? smile the coffee group i was trying to organise never eventuiated....
Hay Jubie....Im in palmy at least once a week...but now that brooke started kindy 3 arvos a week and juju in daycare normally just stay home (only a hour between dropping brooke at kindy before i get juju)....

your more than welcome to come over here with your daugter for a coffe and play....we got fenced yard and sandpit and heaps of toys....
Hi smile
I'm just south of Linton and I'd love to catch up for a cuppa with anyone. I have a 2 year old and another on the way due next Feb so as long as nobody minds my odd dash to the loo (morning sickness!!!) then yeah we'd love to make some new friends!
I'm not sure when we're coming up next but I'll pop in and post when I know whats happening.
Hey Jakesmama,
I'm in palmy. My little boy has just turned 1. We are always keen to meet someone new. smile
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