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Yay smile would you like to catch up for a coffee somewhere maybe next wednesday morning?
Hey I'm a Palmy Mum in the Kelvin Grove area. I have a 2 1/2 year old girl, Maiya, and 11 1/2 month old boy and girl twins, Charlie and Ariana. Keen to catch up with others Mums and also some advice. My son has 4 teeth and is biting everyone, I've tried the firm NO and putting him in his cot as soon as he does it but everytime I try to discipline him he laughs and does it again. I am looking at putting the twins into daycare once a week and don't want to be told hes been biting other kids there too. Any suggestions on what to do would be great.
hey maiyas_mummy I wouldn't worry too much about the biting. It is just a phase, and he should grow out of it! (HOPEFULLY!!! LOL) My little girl is nearly 2 and for ages, while the teeth were coming in she would do the same. (My shoulder was her favourite bit to bite!!!) To me it was always a sign of teeth either coming through or getting ready to come through. Try giving him rusks to bite instead, or one thing that really worked for me was getting a flannel, and keeping it in a container of water in the fridge. Then whenever she started biting things i would take the flannel out of the fridge and give it to her. Just squeeze out some of the water, but leave it slightly wet. Another thing would be to get one of those mesh fruit holder thingys down the supermarket baby aisle and put cold fruit or veg into that and let baby chomp away! Those 3 things were always my ultimate life savers and it was guaranteed that if she wanted to start biting things, then at least ONE of those would take her mind off it! Hope that helps a little bit.
hi there im a palmy mum. have a 3yr old whos birthday was on wednesday. also have a 2mnth old, both lovely girls. am keen to catch up with anyone for a coffee. have a fully fenced yard and lots of shade if anyone interested. live in the hokowhitu area.
hi all
my name is Corrie i am a mother of 3 my oldest Brayton is nearly 4 n 19mthold twins Bailee-rose n Tristan. i have just started up a coffee group at the westend/awapuni plunket rooms if any1 is interested please contact me and i will give details
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