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Palmy north plunket play group Rss

Hey, i was just wondering if there is anyone else who goes to the plunket play group on a friday in albert street? im keen to come but am a bit nervous, can anyone let me know what its like and what sort of things happen there?
Hi Tali,

I don't go yet but have been meaning to check it out. Would be happy to go with you one Friday and if it's all too scary we can gap it together, lol. I'm Mum to Georgia (3 months) and still trying to find a coffee group or playgroup, as well as some more "mummy friends" especially those who are new mums.

Feel free to get in touch, if you'd like to maybe grab a coffee or something sometime or whatever, just let me know.


[link=][img noborder]ht

Hey thatd be cool. Id love to check it out. Far to scared to go by myself lol.
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