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I grew up quite close to Hamilton, from what I can tell most areas are pretty reasonable especially compared to the bigger cities.
Hamilton East seems to be the more reasonable - lots of students in the area though wink
If you don't mind living a bit out of town there are some real bargains in the rural areas.
Rototuna can be quite expensive as well as flagstaff because they are new suburbs. If you wanted to be in that area then chartwell has older houses that may be a bit cheaper.
The areas to be careful of are Fairfield and Nawton and areas of melville they have cheaper houseing but that is because they are areas that tend to be lower class IYKWIM.
I am extremely biased because I live there but I really like Dinsdale/Frankton as an area to live. It is mid-lower class in Frankton and middle class in Dinsdale hills. It is close to town and has some nice schools depending on where you rent. Pukete is really nice too and would be in the slightly lower price range.
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