Hi there,

Is there any kind soul out there who is selfless enough to help us complete our family being our surrogate mum + egg donor?

My husband & I just had the worst day of our life today!

Our story started off really blessed with a dear friend who is willing to be our surrogate mum but cannot donate her egg due to religious reason along with another dear friend who will donate her egg but cannot carry as she felt that she'll be too attached & won't want to give the baby up to us.

Our journey began with being mistreated by the local fertility centre who are very unprofessional & treated our egg donor as donor for the general public, we licked our wound & went to another clinic in Auckland just to have the same doctor from the local fertility centre sitting on the board of Ecart government panel and failed us. We appealed and several thousand of dollars and numerous counselling & lawyers advice for all 3 parties later, we finally got the approval from Ecart.

Just to find out after a year of torture & many visits to CYF and being subjected to all her demands that the social worker in CYF then declined us after quoting several times how she is against adoption as she was one of the adopted child!

We've employed another lawyer today to meet with her manager just to find 4 of them altogether & that they weren't willing to give us a second chance at all. Funny how they’ve declined us in adopting our own child back (my husband's sperm & our dear friend's donor egg) but encourage us to seek out friends & family to do home surrogacy for us!!!!

My husband & I are still shocked & numbed with their ill treatment, humiliation & the huge expenses for us trying to have a family with no luck! Please please let us know if you will help or know of anyone out there who will donate her egg + carry our child for us with home insemination?

God bless,