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Hi everyone, wow its been a long time since I have been in these forums. But funnily enough I met one of my best friends in here - that was six years ago and we have been catching up every week since - we were both the first in our group of friends to become pregnant and it was so lovely to have someone to share the journey with. But alas we have had to say goodbye upon our decision to move to Tauranga 5 months ago. I thought it would be easy to make new friends but I am starting to feel very alone. So here I am again in the hope to find other mummies in my position and begin a new journey. I have a daughter 5 and son almost 3. Who is keen for some new friends?

Hi Ray,
Welcome to TGA! Just browsing and came across your post. I have 2 DD 5yo & 3 in October. Where in Tauranga have you moved to? smile
Hi will PM you smile ... Hmm things have changed since I was last on here and I need to be following you before I can PM you?

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