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Hi all.

I am looking at bassinets and struggling with what is a good brand and what isnt.
does anyone have any suggestions of ones they have used and found amazing/ not great at all.

Thanks smile
To be honest I just got a random second hand one and it was fine. My son grew out of it within about 10 weeks (he's always been very long/tall) so didn't use it for long. If I were to get anything different for my next bub I'd be looking at one of the next to the bed side car types.

The thing I'd look for is making sure its one with plenty of air circulation. Some bassinets have heaps of soft bumper panels around them which is against the safe sleeping recommendations right at the age when it's most important.
I got the farmers mothers choice basinett it's even on sale today with the half price nursery sale .
I had this mothers choice coco basinette, it was great. It's not expensive, very breathable mesh around the outside, it's beautiful and very safe for bub. My son loved it, used it for at least 2 months only coz my boy was very big and outgrowing it. I'll be using it for my next bub. I bought mine from big w.


Tried to post a picture of it but it just came up with 'email' lol
Google it anyways smile

I brought a love n care one and i was very happy with it. Id suggest going to a few baby stores and just having a look to what you like and how much you want to spend. I wanted one on wheels, that way it could be easily moved from room to room.
I've had two different second hand one cost $5 and sold it for $20. Another cost $100 and sold it for $20. Things to look for are holes in the side so you can see bub when bub is sleeping. I have the bassinet right beside my bed so I could just easily check up on baby. Some sizes only last 3 months others last a year. If you have a 3 months one then you need to move baby into a cot. I choose one that lasted a year and a bit and then put baby straight into a toddlers bed. Don't be fooled by brands, looks or cost. Function is most important.
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