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anyone one who wants to have a coffee and a chat in Palmerston North with me and my 2 year old son please leave me a message

renee, nz pary nth, 2yr old, pregant with #2

If he can handle playing with a 4yr old - get in touch. We live in PN and work full time, but free on weekends - have a nanny when son is not at Morning Kindy.
Hi Renee,

I live in Feilding - not too far from Palmy. I moved here just over a year ago from Wellington - so I know what it is like to be new to the area. I have two girls, a three year old and a 15 month old. Let me know your email address if you are interested in coffee - Feilding has some great coffee shops!!!
hi renee,
i have a 12 month old son,if ya wanna chat over a coffee please feel free to email me @
hay there yes i would be interested in catching up. if u like you can text me on 0274436868 or email on

renee, nz pary nth, 2yr old, pregant with #2

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