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anyone from palmerston north out there? Rss

I have a 12 month old son & wondering if theres anyone out there who wants to chat over a coffee?
Please email me @
I i live in palmerston north i live in riverdale

mum of 4

hi philippa,
if ya wanna meet,i`d love to have a coffee & chat if u have the time?
I`m 37 & mum of 13 month old son & also have 2 step children.

look forward to hearing from you soon.
Hay there ded im am from parmy i live in roslyn. I am 24 and have a two year old son and am preganant with number two. we moved to parmy 4 months ago as my partner got picked for the national league soccer team here. It is hard moving to a new place and not knowing anyone especially whhen you have an active two year old. we can not find any playgroups you might know where some are. would love to catch up and have coffee sometime. how may children do you have and how old are they. you can email me on if you like/ look forward to hearing from you.

renee, nz pary nth, 2yr old, pregant with #2

Hi I'm not from Palmerston North, but my partner wants to move there to follow a job offer. I have an 8 month old son and am interested in hearing about the place from a mums perspective as i never been there. Are there activities for bubs? Is it friendly? Is it cold? I currently live in a very isolated place and find it extremely hard with no support or other mums and activities to do and don't want to find myself in the same boat again!

Liams Mum,NZ,14mth boy

I have lived here all my life and I think it is an okay place.Lollipops Playland has just re-opened but I havent taken my boy there yet.theres also the Esplanade which is quite nice in the summer time.It has a playground too and a train ride thingy.Theres heaps of playgroups/activities for young kids all over the city depending on where u live also.It can get cold here over winter time but so does the rest of the country lol.If u wanna email me feel free to, I have an almost 2 yr old(2 on 10 June)son,and am due in 2 weeks(10 May) with a lil girl!!

Bex, mum 2 Xander 10/06/2003 & Harmony 13/05/2005

Hi Liam's mum. I reckon Palmy is a great place to live; there are quite a few groups for mums and babies; music groups playgroups etc. Still finding out myself, as I am a new mummy; my daughter Georgia is 3 months old. It can get pretty miserable weatherwise in winter, but locationwise it's great as you are close to main cities without having to actually live in one. There's also a lot of smaller ruralish areas really nearby if you prefer that style of living, but not too far from town, so you can get the best of both worlds. We also have some very good schools and kindies etc.

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