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Anyone from Pahiatua area want to meet up with a lonely mum from this area.

suzy, Pahiatua, 3 Children

hi there, before i start i do apologise but i dont come from ur area, i am in south auckland. but i thought if u dont have any luck reaching out to anyone to meet in person, maybe we could just chat online. im 30yrs old, oh my name is tanya and i have a 9month old girl, Alyssa. if not i hope ur not too lonely and i hope u meet some nice people. oh and i do have a partner also but im a good listener and a great talker. oh i hope i havent come across as a stalker lesbian person, i have nothing against lesbians im just not one. hahaha ok enough from me i will leave it up to u.

see ya

Tanya, 9mth baby,NZ

Hi there, I'm over in Woodville. I have two girls Holly is 2.5 and Olivia 4 months. I've meet some neat people through our Playcentre, Plunket, swimming (in Dannevike) and music, come along or email me


Hi Suzy,

I'm not in Pahiatua, but i'm in Palmy. would love to grab a coffee or something if you're ever over this way. Have you tried church playgroups or coffee groups or anything like that in your area?

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