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Hi im jenna am currently pregnant with my 2nd child my 1st being a beautiful little girl, i have been told this one is a girl as well (i guess im not made to make boys) what im wanting to know is your opinions on the 2 post-natal care facilities i went to river ridge with my 1st and always wondered what waterford is like if there is anyone out there that can help me i have 3 months to make up my mind.
i wanted to go to waterford but the birthing pool at river ridge is better but i never made it into the pool anyway. They are much very simular. I never stayed for the meals but apparently they are to die for. I had to be rushed to hospital but for my next one i will diffently be going to waterford.

Good luck with your little girl. I hope my next one is a girl. smile

My beautiful boy was born 20/5/07

I had both my boys at river ridge so id say river ridge the midwives were awesome and so was the food:)

My baby is georgeous!!

i too had both my girls at riverridge, i loved every minute of it, the midwives, the support, the relaxed atmosphere, my sister had one at waterford and one at riverridge and said it wasn't as comfortable and personal at waterford.. but in saying that both these facilities are beautiful and i would be happy to birth at either.
Hey Teagans Mum
Im pregnant with my second aswell and my first was at waikato but then went straight back to river ridge, loved it there! My midwife this time round runs waterford so im proberly going to be going there this time round, heaps of my friends gave birth there and rave about it. Ive had the tour and about the only thing i saw that was different was the rooms were bigger. Good luck with your decision
When are you due? im due early Jan

hey im trying to decide between the two clinics aswell. i preferred river ridge but was slightly thrown off by the bells outside your doors when you need assistance from a midwife. since its such a large clinic, i was wondering if it would get irritating when you had visitors and bells were constantly going off.
does anyone know much about this?
Our son was born at River Ridge and it was great, We had no problems with the bells, they hardly go off anyway, and its not that big. When our son was born it was pretty full, yet we hardly saw many other people and it was nice and quiet.

[Edited on 15/11/2007]
I had my last(no4) at waterford and spent time after my 3rd there too, the food is devine the midwives are great the birthing rooms are huge with your own bathroom suit, inc spa bath/birthing pool. its also nearly sound proof so you can scream as much as you want without bothering any one lol, and the post natal rooms are wonderfull too, nice and quiet cumfy beds tv fridge jug ensuit, and its all air conditioned too, you can controll the temp in the birthing rooms but not the suits ahhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa..... ok thats all i can think of i loved it there, but its better for those who dont need heaps of attention as the midwives pretty much leave you alone except regular checks 4xa day but if you call them they come quickly, oh theres no bells you pick up the phone to get attention, good luck with your choice and with bubs
Thank you for your replies!

After alot of deciding, i settled on river ridge. this is my first baby and ill probably need alot of help. They both seemed really great, but the overall friendliness of the midwives at river ridge and the outdoor bit won me over smile
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