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hi all I am new to this not great with computers lol.I have a 4 and a half month old son Eli who is my world would love to meet other mums with similar aged bubs but defnitly not a must basically just be nice to meet new people,go for a coffee,shopping ect with babys.I live in chch am 21 years of age.
Hey im keen. My name is Sophie and im 24. got two kids jake 30months and natalie 8 months. I live in Rakaia but can drive smile
kewl thats out by ashburton I lived out there 4 a while feels like years ago now lol my name is honeylee thanx for getting back to being a mummy just can get a bit lonely at cute 2 kids kewl Im so clucky now cant wate to have baby number 2 lol
lol nice whens that happening lol?
not anytime to soon lol can see why people have so many kids babys are so cute.Do you come into chch much? my numb is 0278134673 feel free to txt when you like
hi guys ive got a new born shes bout 4 weeks im looking to meet other mothers aswell as i get board as trapped at home alone roll eyes
Hi ladies,

Thought I'd check in here its been a while since I posted.
I have created a Huggies only Mums group for CHCH Mums, we have about 24 members at present, and meet weekly on different days every week:)

You are welcome to join:)
Please just add me on FACEBOOK: [email protected] (Charlotte (Fraser) Daines) then I can add you to the group (its currently a secret group no avail to just anyone on the pbulic arena) Just to ensure all ladies are Huggies Mums:)

Looking forward to meeting you both...
P.s. we have a few members which are pregnant with their first babies:)
Hi all you lovely ladies/mummies,

My name is Charlotte, I have three under 5, just my eldest is about to turn 5 at the end of the month, ages ago when my two boys were born I started a Huggies based Fb page for Huggies based chch mums, after reading that so many of us wanted to get together for coffee and companionship in chch, since then we have grown to a very strong group of about 20 members, we reg. have coffee and catch up, we are a very diverse welcoming group and would love some newbies to join us, we organise a once a year trip away for mummies only (no children). and have regular nights out for dinner and drinking/dancing.
if this sounds like you, we would love you to join our group. All we ask for is regular participation and active effort to attend catch ups etc.
Please find me on FB: Charlotte Daines or email me, on here or: [email protected].
All members of the group started as a Huggies Forum Mum.
We look forward to hearing from you....
Charlotte. Xxx
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