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Choosing a Midwife - First time Mum Lock Rss

Hello Ladies;
I am 27 and expecting our first bub in April 2013.
Any recommendations for a midwife, I want someone with experience but also not too old and set in her ways.
We live in Merivale at the moment but building in Wigram and will be there by the time baby arrives.
I have spoken to Hazel Voice who sounds nice but havent received any other call backs.
Hi EverKate

Im in christchurch too,28 am due april 8th for my first.
I went and met with a midwife a friend recommended in Barrington and she was lovely.
Her name was Katherine, she was at the place across from barrington mall and she was in her 40s? and seemed really knowledgeable, easy to talk to and reassuring!

I didn't go to the doctor-just straight to midwife, so i'm off to get my bloods done tomorrow and midwife gave me all the info packs and script for iodine etc.

exciting/scary times ahead smile
Thats good to know thanks! I'm due April 7th so
Its strange I went to my GP on Friday and somehow they managed to turn the most exciting and scary thing that has ever happened into a medical routine.

Have you told anybody yet? We have been terrible, it started with immediate family and now has snowballed to friends also... only the close ones though! Its just so much fun sharing our excitement with our favourite people!

Yea my friends said theres not much point going to gp as midwife can do everything and its free! smile

I have told my friends who knew i was trying and they all have babies so i can get advice off them-and a couple others i know i can trust. We haven't even told our parents yet as they live on the west coast and i really just want to get to at least 8 weeks before telling them as i know they are going to be super excited i don't want to get their hopes up if something goes wrong-touch wood!
Its SOOOO hard though as i feel so guilty and feel like im lying to everyone

How have you been feeling? Yesterday i felt hungover all day and have random cramps all week that are awful but pass eventually.
hey there
im pregnant with my second bub and have gone with the same midwife as what i had with my first and they are soo great. i went with birth rite midwifes and i strongly recommend them. they travel all over the christchurch area and arent fazed by the travel at all smile

Hey There,
I had Anne O'Connor she was lovely!! I had her for my last 2 babies! I cannot recommend her enough she was so caring, and lovely! smile

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