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CHCH mums looking for coffee groups, mums group Lock Rss

Hi ladies,

Thought I'd check in here its been a while since I posted.
I have created a Huggies only Mums group for CHCH Mums, we have about 32 members at present, and meet weekly on different days every week:)

You are welcome to join:)
Please just add me on FACEBOOK: [email protected] (Charlotte (Fraser) Daines) then I can add you to the group (its currently a secret group no avail to just anyone on the pbulic arena) Just to ensure all ladies are Huggies Mums:)

Looking forward to meeting you...
P.s. we have a few members which are pregnant with their first babies:)
Can I join can I can I can i????
please feel free to find me on fb and send me a message as to who you are:) thanks
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