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Wanting to met mums in Christchurch. Lock Rss

Hi my name is Melanie, I'm 19 years old and I have an 8 week old son. I'm wanting to met mothers my age that are in chch. Ever since I had wee Braxton I've been feeling a bit isolated and just want to get back out there.. smile
Hi Melanie, congrats on the arrival of your son smile
I'm not in NZ sorry, just wanted to say "hi" to you.
How are you finding motherhood so far?
I was 19 when I had my first one and had never been around babies, and none of my friends had babies so it was so very new to me smile

Hey thanks for your reply.
I love motherhood always wanted a baby ever since I stopped playing with dolls.
All of my old friends have children but they have different values to motherhood than I do, They still drink and smoke. I'm not saying that thats bad but I gave up because I dont want my child around stuff like that. But they dont seem to understand.
I hate staying home all the time or going out by myself, I hope to met some motheres, Fingers crossed grin
How many children do you have?
Good on you for sticking to your values, even though that must've been hard. Motherhood can be lonely, you need to actively find some mothers group or something, try a few out until you find one that you feel comfortable with, keep trying.
I have two children, a boy just started high school, and a 6 month old girl. So big age gap between the two. I'm really enjoying being a new mum again smile

hi we have a huggies christchurch group that you are welcome to join, contact me if you want to join in Charlotte Daines runs it. search for her on face book.
Where is christchurch are you? I have a few friends with kids but they are all more toddlers now while my baby girl is three months. I'm wanting a few friends with kids around the same age.
Hi Melanie, there are two new breastfeeding support groups for young parents if you're interested.
Monday 10.30am-12pm Woolston Plunket rooms on Ferry Road
Friday 10.30am-12pm St Marks Church on Barrington St

Meetings are really relaxed and a great way to meet other mums.

More generally, the Plunket pepe classes and mums groups are a great way to meet people. Also library baby times, music classes and playgroups are good when bubs gets a bit older.
Hey Im 22 and in Christchurch smile
I totally understand about your friend having different values. Mine are the same. What side of town are you on? Where is this huggies group on facebook? Id be interested in joining. Im expecting my first baby in early june. smile
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