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New to Christchurch Lock Rss

I have recently moved to the Parklands/New Brighton area and would like to meet some mums and some friends for my children. I have a 3 year old girl and a 3 month old boy. I am in my 30s so any slightly older mums out there who would like to start a playgroup or coffee group please let me know. smile
HI Carmcl
I have 2 boys 4yr old and 18mth we are in Dallington, did you ever start a coffee group? would be keen smile
Hi, thanks for your reply. Didn't really ever get an official coffee group but have met some mums through different things I have been to. My kids are now 4 and 10 months. Happy to meet up sometime if you are keen. smile
Hey hun sorry late reply, didn't have notifications on still keen to catch up if you are smile email me
[email protected]
look forward to hearing from you smile
Hi all you lovely ladies/mummies,

My name is Charlotte, I have three under 5, just my eldest is about to turn 5 at the end of the month, ages ago when my two boys were born I started a Huggies based Fb page for Huggies based chch mums, after reading that so many of us wanted to get together for coffee and companionship in chch, since then we have grown to a very strong group of about 20 members, we reg. have coffee and catch up, we are a very diverse welcoming group and would love some newbies to join us, we organise a once a year trip away for mummies only (no children). and have regular nights out for dinner and drinking/dancing.
if this sounds like you, we would love you to join our group. All we ask for is regular participation and active effort to attend catch ups etc.
Please find me on FB: Charlotte Daines or email me, on here or: [email protected].
All members of the group started as a Huggies Forum Mum.
We look forward to hearing from you....
Charlotte. Xxx
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