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Sharing Personal Details Lock

Hi there, Just a reminder when sharing personal information, that the Huggies Forum is a means ...

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considering becoming a surrogate Lock

Hi everyone, I'm considering becoming a surrogate. I'm 24 years old. I live in the sout...

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Hi, me and my partner are on the looking for a surrogate, please comtact us. [email protected]


Mums to be 2019 Otago Lock

Looking for groups in the Otago region for repeat time mums. Have a 8y & 6y old am due in Jan...

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Kiwi Gem

Lakes District Area Lock

Hi All, Just wondered if there were many expecting mums or already mums in the Lakes District Are...

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Hey! I'm moving to Queenstown next month and am expecting my first at the end of March. Many other mums to be in the area?


young timaru mothers Lock

Hi I'm 21 and have a 2 yr old son. I was looking for some new friends, any mothers around my age ...

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Hi I am 21 also and am expecting my first baby in May. I only just moved to Timaru in October from Tauranga.


midwifes in Dunedin Lock

Hi all Does anyone know of good midwifes in Dunedin? Thank you

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We had been recommended Mary Stack through family members who used her as their midwife and thought she was AMAZING! We found Mary t...


Nelson Mums Lock

Hi there, I am a 32 year old mum of two - I have a son who is nearly 4 and a daughter who is 13 m...

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Is this still an active forum? If so I'm also new to the area and to meet other mums I have a 6 year old a 4 year ol...


Any nelson/richmond families? Lock

Hey, we have just moved to Richmond from christchurch and don't know any people with kids......

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Where to buy a pram in Christchurch? Lock

What are the best stores to go to to buy a pram in Christchurch?

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The Stay at Home Mommy Challenge Lock

Hi everyone Please help support me in the stay at home mommy challenge check it out at: thenewyea...

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Egg Donor wanted NZ

Egg Donor needed to have our lil pumpkin. We need YOU! Lock

We have discovered that starting a family will be a little more of a challenge for us than most. ...

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looking for a mothers group to join in Christchurch!!!! Lock

Hi i am very interested in joining a mothers group, but i dont know how to find one as i missed t...

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I recently joined babies can play. It is run by the play centre association. It's once a week on a Wednesday. There are spaces ...


Dunedin Mums Lock

Helloooo We just moved back to Duners a few weeks ago and was wondering if there are any good pl...

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Any Dunedin Mums to be interested in having a Student Midwife? Lock

Hi everyone! My name is Ella and I'm a first year midwifery student at Otago Polytechnic. I...

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Hi, my MW already has a student to work with, so will hopefully be meeting up with them. Good luck with finding someone though!


any nelson mums? Lock

where are some playgrounds with public toilets? we went to a playground this morning and after on...

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I'm only new to nelson my self but the park across from the Warehouse has them also Victory square also.


Sperm Donor Wanted Lock

Hi All, Not sure how much luck I will get off here but here goes. My Partner and I are soon to ...

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hiya ashleigh. Just wondering how much luck you have had so far? We're a same sex couple in the same situation. http://sperm...


Invercargill Young Mums Lock

Hi DF and I just moved to Invers from chch with our 2 and a half year old daughter and we're expe...

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Hey Erica Okay cool thanks for that might look into it


Question about a playgroup Lock

Hey wondering if anyone on here knows of any playgroups that have mums in an around there 20s att...

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blinkubabies' mum

Queen Mary Maternity, Dunedin. Lock

Hi, just wanted to leave a note re my experience of having a planned C section (public system) at...

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Pregnant Invercargill Mums to be Lock

Hi, I'm interested in meeting up with other pregnant Invercargill Mums to be.

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Hey, I know this is a late reply . Im an Invercargill mum. i have 3 beautiful girls and another one the way.


Dunedin Babysitting Lock

Sorry for the advertising on the forum, but I know how hard it can be to find a babysitter in Dun...

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Nelson ladies Lock

Hi just woundering if there is any ladies from nelson out there with newborns. my DS if 7weeks an...

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The Big Latch On 2012 Lock

Happy World Breastfeeding Week everyone!!! What are you doing to celebrate? Are you taking part ...

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Dunedin mums Lock

Any Dunedin mums out there now? I am from Wellington but go down 2 or 3 times a year to visit fam...

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Hey, the Mr just got a job down in we won't know anyone when we move...currently have a 6month old boy....would like ...


HELP moving to hororata and need a new midwife Lock

I am moving to hororata 1st of june and am due 5th of jully and need a midwife ASAP. Does anyone ...

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There is Malvern Midwivery think they are based in Darfield they could be in the phone book can't find the paper I read it in tho.


Calling all you Blenheim Mums :) Lock

Im new to Blenheim, have a 4 year old and 12 month old. Looking to meet some new people, and im s...

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hey there i have a 2 yr old and a 9 month old boy, we live in blnheim too:)


mums from blenheim! Lock

hey,im 19 and always keen 2 meet new mums!

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Hi ladies, i see it has been a year since anyone posted in new to blenheim....would be great to meet some new people, i ha...


Babysitter Blenheim Lock

Hi there i am looking for someone to take care of my 3 year old daughter on a casual basis when i...

1 reply

I have a cousin in Blenheim who may be interested. I have emailed her your number.

Westy Mum

Invercargill Mum looking for playgroup/coffee group Lock

Hello! I recently moved to Invercargill with my DP and my 2 and a half year old son. Just won...

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Hi guys, i live is Invercargill have all my life, its a great wee town to bring up kids, I have a 5 year old daughter and expecting ...


Greymouth mums. Lock

Hi my names Danielle & I'm 23 and have a little man Olly whos nearly 9months old. My partner my...

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Hi Danielle There are lots of groups around Greymouth. The Library does story time on a Thursday, look up the Greymouth Parent's ce...


Multisport event for big little kids - Dunedin Lock

Sport Otago is giving budding junior sportspeople the opportunity to have a go at a multi-sport e...

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Grieving Parent Lock

Hi there About two months ago we lost our 21 month old son in a tragic accident and i really jus...

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Hi there About two months ago we lost our 21 month old son in a tragic accident and i really just want to make contact with other ...


Motueka Mums Lock

Hi there, Im new to Mot have one really active son whos nearly three. Im 33 years old and wonderi...

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hi looking to meet some mums in the morington area of dunedin have moved here not long ago so don...

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Hi, If you are still looking to meet some Mums in Mornington then you could come along to the Playgroup that is held in the Church o...


Any Dunedin mummas? Lock

Hey My name is Harriet, i am 22 and have a 6 week old baby called Ella Jade. I moved down here f...

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hi im a mum in dunedin too, my girl is nearly 5 months old. it does get a bit lonely being at home alot doesnt it?


Milton mummy Lock

Hey everyone. I was born in dunedin but lived in milton most of my life. i was living in ajax str...

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SPACE group in Oamaru Lock

A new SPACE (Supporting Parents Alongside Children's Education) group is starting this term at Li...

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I recommend it too!! This is nationwide, there should be a website for anyone interested in areas that are not in Oamaru too!!


Can someone recommend a Dunedin midwife? Lock

My GP gave me a list to choose from, but I'm new to the country and really don't have the first c...

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No more making numerous calls to unavailable midwives! The New Zealand College of Midwives have designed this site to make your sea...


Anyone from Hawea?? Lock

Hi guys, we are looking at moving to Hawea and I was wondering if any of you lovelies are from th...

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Young Wanaka Mums (or mums to be)? Lock

Hey there, I am pregnant with my 1st.. Due May 2nd:) Would love to get to know some other younger...

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Hi there Im kind of near you im in Cromwell im 24 and my DH is 29 we have a 8.5 month old daughter and we are expecting our 2nd in n...