Hi guys i am from Perth-australia, but i just wanted to drop a line and tell u guys something i have just discovered.

Au pairs!-i do not like childcare centres and have been looking into alternatives!

Some of them do not expect much money, just room board and family life and a little bit of pocket money for looking after your kids. some people are more hapy with experience rather than money!

I am registered with www.newaupair.com and have found some great people and am communicating two great candidates who are not expecting more than $50-$100 a week!!

You have to pay around $50aus to get the email addresses but that gives you 30days access to any email address on the system!

If you have any questions regarding au pairs, i will try and impart with my limited knwledge! my email addy is [email protected]

It seems great and a lot of people want to go to NZ or Aus or even stay in their own country!