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Sharing Personal Details Lock

Hi there, Just a reminder when sharing personal information, that the Huggies Forum is a means ...

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want to move to england Lock

hi i was just looking for some uk mum or those who used to live in the uk. My Dh and i would like...

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VictoriaMorris wrote: I think that life in England and New Zealand is a bit similar. These are almost the same landscapes outside th...


Kid on the beach Lock

Hello mummies, I have a 2 year old son and we are planning a beach vacation with our American rel...

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Hi I was just wondering is that ok Lock

If my girl friend is pass her due date

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hi its perfectly normal as said above to be up to 2 weeks late as when calculating pregnancy they count 2 weeks which your not actua...


Did anybody watch Lock

I watched a documantry last night about Japan slaughtering Dolphins. If you google japan killing ...

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I watched a documantry last night about Japan slaughtering Dolphins. If you google japan killing dolphins you can read more about i...

this is us

facebook friends Lock

Does weekly discussions, photo competitions, over 100 different daily discussions ranging from sa...

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What a great idea!! I've just sent a request to join!

*My Sweeties*

Mums Of Facebook Lock

Hello Everyone, I recently started a Facebook Group for all the facebook mummy's I would love ev...

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Anyone from South Africa Lock

Hi there Just wondering if there are any moms out there that are still in S.A or that are in New...

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so glad to see other SA mums on the forum. Hubby, I and our little boy have been in NZ for almost 2years. I'm 7w pregnant - will b...


anyone looking for aussie mums 2 chat 2 Lock

hey everyone my name is sheryna i am from nsw australia my son is noah he is 13 months old i woul...

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hi sheryna i am not fromoverseas buthave spent the best part of 8 and a half years overseas.... i have been in england and south af...

camerons mum

any one from scotland!!! Lock

Hi my name is Carolanne I was just wondering if ther is anyone out ther that comes from scotlan...

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Anyone having a baby from the Caribbean Living in Sydney Lock

Hi, my name is Nakia and i have been living in Sydney for the past 2 years. I moved over from the...

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Any samoans up for a chat?....or married/dating a Samoan??LOL! Lock

Talofa to any fellow Samoan mummies out there who are keen for a chat! Or perhaps you're even mar...

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Hey girl sup? Well we are in melbz but looking to move over it here! We have a ten month old daughter and I am afakasi and my man is...


family friendly holidays, baby and 3yr old Lock

i want to go on a holiday somewhere after baby is born, its due may. but i figure its winter then...

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my sister lives in indonesia with her husband, their 6 month old little girl and his 3 kids, who ...

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Pommy mum, living in OZ seeks similar for reminiscing and laughs! Lock

Hiya I was born and bred in Old Limey, and moved here about 4 years ago with my Aussie Hubby. I...

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Hiya - it is still me honest! I changed my user name as I got a bit bored with the old one! DS is doing really well at kindy - lov...


Any Irish mums? Lock

Hi i'm lorraine and i have a 3 yr old son and expecting a little girl in 6 weeks i've been living...

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ahhhhhhhh crap


Msn group looking for world mums to join Lock

Hi my names kate im 22 and have 2 boys aged 5 years and 8 weeks old. I have just started my own ...

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I would love to join. What does your group do? Maybe I could give a different perspective. Just came here from the USA. I have t...


just a cpl of questions Lock

Hi everyone, i just have a question for anyone that wants to help. Im currently doing a course t...

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Any malaysian mum outthere in WA? Lock

Just wondering if there any malaysian mum living in Perth interested to keep in touch?

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baby lana



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New member from Great Britain!!!! Lock

Hi Australia. Im Michelle from Manchester in Great Britain. Used to live in sydney myself 24yea...

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Hi Michelle I'm Dorothy and I am 37 years old I live in Queensland and I have a 9 month old boy and I would love to chat sometime.


MSN group - Parents of the World Lock

Hi, I'm a member of a brand new MSN group for parents all over the world. It is a fun, light hea...

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Tried to have a look but couldn't found it please send me link


anyone from SriLanka??? Lock

helllo everyone.. just wonderin if there were any srilankans on this site... anyone who wants to...

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Hi Im not from sri lanka my fiance is we have a 10 week old son we live in melbourne. where abouts do you live?


twins or more? Lock

a new forum for parents and family of multiples If you have twins...

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Pen Pals Lock

Hi I just started a new msn group for people who would like to make new friends http://groups.m...

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Anyone From Lebanon Or Lebanese Background? Lock

Im karen, 23yrs old, 5week old baby girl and my background is lebanese. But born in sydney/austra...

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i live at summer hill about a 10 min drive from campsie. aimee