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i was just looking for some uk mum or those who used to live in the uk.
My Dh and i would like to go over to the uk for a couple of years. dh is currently at uni doing a teaching degree and we would love to go over when he is finished. problem by the time that happens we would have 4 kids.
so what im asking is what is it like to live there? is it more expensive then here? how did you go moving kids? where are the nice parts and the dodgy parts?
I have so many more questions so if anyone could help me it would be great.

Thanks heaps

i was brought up in england and moved to aus in 2006 with my little boy. and it was the best choice i ever made.

i find the uk very snobbish and class conscious like if you dont have the designer clothes you are looked down upon. education wise i think the system over here is heaps better for example my son would of gone to an ok school where there class sizes are far to big and you can forget private schools they cost an arm and a leg.

since moving to aus i have been fully employed in the public service making very good money brought a nice big 3 bedroom house and my son goes to a private catholic school.

if i stayed in the uk i would of been always broke, never of been able to buy a house cos the simply cost to much and the ones that are cheap to buy are like shoe boxes, dead end job and my son not getting a good education.

i feel my quality of life is so much better here and would never go back there to live. i love the life in aus very chilled and laid back.
VictoriaMorris wrote:
I think that life in England and New Zealand is a bit similar. These are almost the same landscapes outside the window, small towns, and farms. But the cost of living there is much more expensive. My sister wanted to create a small farm in Henley but this idea didn't pay off. You should think again if you want to live in England.

You forgot to mention a different climate. It is important) As for business, many farmers continue to work under the old rules, although this is not productive. Now we need to do modern agri web design and look for your niche. Interactivity adds a lot of points to your customer demand. If your sister wants to try again, tell her about this option.
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