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Mums with bubs who want to chat Lock Rss

My names Tash i have a little girl named Kaylie who is four months old. I would love to here from mums just to have some baby talk and compare what they are doing and stuff like that!
Just reply on here if you want to
Looking forward to hearing from you

Tash, SA

Hi Tash
My name is Tarryn and i have a 13 weeks old son named kai, would love to chat sometime


hey tash,
i have a 5 month old baby girl.
my email and msn is [email protected] if u wanna chat, or even on here is fine.

Sara, SA, baby girl Amelia 02/05/2005

Hi Tash,
My name is Kristy and I have a 22 month old girl - Taryn and and 10 week old boy - Mason. I love being a mum both children are so different.
Taryn was a real full on baby, early in every thing she did (and still is) where Mason is just happy to be cuddled and take it all in, his just starting to laugh and baby talk i love this age!
Taryn only has to walk in to the room and Mason's eyes light up.
Happy to chat, hope to hear from you later

Kristy,TAS mum of Taryn & Mason

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