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Hi everyone,My name is Jodie and I have just joined as a memeber. I have a 4 month old baby boy and am intersted in chatting with other new mums. Look forward to learning more about you all.

Jodie,NSW,proud mum of 2 boys

Hi Jodie, I too have just joined as a member. My son has just turned 13 mths. If you're keen to chat, my email address is:

Take care

Gaye, Auckland

Hi Jodie,

My name is Leanne and i am also a new member and new mother of 4mth old twin boys.
please email me if you want to chat (that's and L not an i)

Lee, twins + 1= 3 boys

Hi Guys,

Also new to the forums my name is Linsay & I have a four month old girl. Would love to chat my email & msn address is

Linsay, Hannah & Kirra

hi jod_h, my nameis jackie where in nsw do u live? i live in berala, sydney, if u want to chat i have msn same for email too.
hope to chat
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