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Need someone to talk to.. Lock Rss

Hi, I'm having my first baby in March of next year and I don't know anyone who has kids or is pregnant themselves. If you're also looking for someone to chat to like I am, then dont be afraid to add me to MSN - [email protected]
Take care smile
hi my name is catherine, I have 2 boys 3 1/2 and 2 yrs.
I am expecting baby boy no 3 on the 21 jan 06, I have added you to my msn so I will keep an eye out for you,

Hi i have a 11 month old boy and can always be a ear for you, [email protected] Feel free to email



Well I'm a first time mum and my daughter was born in March this year and funny enough she was due on the 31st! She was actually born on the 29th..
I have added you to my MSN list and would love to chat to you, I know what its like going through the hottest time of the year and being pregnant!!
If you want to add me or email me my address is: [email protected]

take care

Lynsey, WA

Hey Cassie,

I'm also having my first baby next year in April, I have been given a few diff dates so could be anywhere between the 11th and 22nd! smile

I also don't really have any one to talk to as my few local friends don't have babies.

my msn is [email protected]

I look forward to chatting with you.
Hi Cassie,

I have a 2 yo girl and a 4mth old girl, i have also added you to my msn list my msn is [email protected] and if anyone else wants to add me go ahead..


Robyn Cody May 03 and Marli June 05

Hi Guys,

Just added you to my messenger list & thought I better introduce myself my name is Linsay & I have a four month old daughter.... hoping to catch up for a chat soon. my email & msn address is [email protected]

Linsay, Hannah & Kirra

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