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What is an older Mum? Lock Rss

My Mum was 34 when she had me, one 11y before and with two more(2 & 3y) after. I was 35 when my last were born, and I have noticed the difference in what my parents can do with the littlies compared to my older kids. I don't know what I would have done without my parents. I just hope my kids don't wait too long (not too soon either). And definitely hope my older kids have teens when my youngest needs a sitter for theirs. My Mum will happily mind mine but has been told to suggest I use my older sisters kids when it's too much for her. Good news is I should be in better health for longer because of todays lifestyle.
I want to be able to play on the floor with my grandkids!

Robynne-69 DH-61 DS1-94 DD1-96 DS2-99 DS3&DD2-04

I didn't put the right header on this. It should have read as "Grateful for Grandparents".

This was not a statement of the bleeding obvious problem of being an older mum.

I didn't have Grans the way my kids do. They actually have all four. I was thinking what my life will be like when I'm Mum's age and suddenly felt like I needed to apologise for all the rotten ungrateful etc things that offspring do.

I hope that when my time comes I'm even half as good as her. No matter what she is to the littlies she is still MY Mum.

Robynne-69 DH-61 DS1-94 DD1-96 DS2-99 DS3&DD2-04

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