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im tanya and i am 30yrs old with a 9mth old girl, Alyssa. i have a wonderful partner but there is only so much u want to talk about to a guy, so it would be nice to chat to some other ladies and share stories. sad stories, happy stories, beautiful stories anything really. I am a good listener and a great chatterbox, and i think i have some good advice for people, and i would appreciate advice from whoever is offering. if u would like to email me [email protected] or we can chat on here. look forward to meeting new people. smile

Tanya, 9mth baby,NZ

hi tanya welcome to this site i am new here to joined a week and a half ago,i have a 5and half month old little boy,i would love to chat to you on here my name is belle and hope we can chat real soon have a great day

belle/wa/2yrold boy

hi there i m jackie 21yr with a beautiful 6month old boy since i've had him i'm so jelous of my friends they had such a quick labour while mine was 31hrs, i'm happy for them but it makes me want more babies,
r u girls the same.
Hi Tanya, I'm not much older than you - I'm 35. I have a 13mth old son Jack but have 10 years between my boys so I feel like a first time mum again as things certainly changed in 10 years.
I'm gonna add you to my contact list is that ok with you. My details are [email protected]
Where in NZ do you live? I'm in Auckland.

Look forward to a chat sometime with you.

Gaye, Auckland

hi aou.....

i have added u.... i hope u dont mind n ud like to chat to me? grin

talk soon
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