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FLYING SOLO...Be great to chat to other mums out t Lock Rss

Hi all,

[Edited on 12/10/2008]
Hi there i dont really like telling my life story on here for all to see but i would like to chat to u do u have MSN messenger or maybe an email address.

mine is

[email protected]

hope to hear from you.

Take Care.


Hey there, I am also a single mum to my 2mth old daughter Cadey (01/09/05), I am 24yrs old and from Redcliffe, If you would like to e-mail or chat sometime on msn then my address for both is [email protected], dont have time at the moment to write a big story cause the little one is starting to get grumpy but looking forwaard to chatting to you soon and any other single mums also welcome to drop me a line or add me to msn.

charly and Cadey (01/09/05) Brisbane

Hi Bec,
My names Jess, Im 21 with a 7 month old son. I too was in an abusive relationship which I left when I was 5 weeks pregnant.
I also was threatened to have my tummy punched in to get rid of it if I didnt get an abortion.
If you wanna chat my email is [email protected]

Jess (22), Chris (22) and Kaden (22 mnths)

hi i recently seperated from my partner aswell. You can read all about it if u like. If you want 2 chat you can email me on [email protected] or you can add me on messenger if u have it its under the same address.Colby
hi iam a single mum of one girl she is 13 month just left her abusive father.. going threw court cases blah blah blah!!!!!!!!!!!!
any1 wanna chat or some advice e-mail me on
[email protected] or add me to msn messager

Cassi, Shepparton, Vic Mum to 14 month old girl

Hey my name is claire and i am a single mum to bailey 5 and half months old. Wen i found out i was pregnant bailey's father wanted me to have an abortion but i couldn't put myself through that. I knew i was goin to be a single parent the whole way throught he pregnancy and it was really hard. i have a lot of support but it wasnt the same, weneva i went to the hospital for a checkup i would feel so jealous wen all the other women were there wit their husbands or partners. Now i reaslise that i have the best thing in the whole entire world and he is missing out on everything. We still talk and he's probably seen bailey 5 times. It just frustrates me that i love bailey so much and he doesn;t seem to care. maybe deep down i wish that he'd turn around and care for me and bailey and we could be a happy little family.
anyone else in a similar situation email me at claireand [email protected] or add me to messenger to hav a chat.
thanx claire

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