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Hi Karen,

Sorry to hear that your boyfriend doesn't want nothing to do with the baby or you. I had my 1st baby on the 14 June 2003 and in that time her father has only seen her 3 times. At the moment he is saying that Mya is not he's but in he's heart he knows that he's child is out there. I do still talk to him but our baby is nearly 3mths and he's parents still don't know that he has a child. To be honest with you every child needs both there mum and dad but in some cases not always. You will do great without the dad. Don't be scared cause in the end you will have a little baby that you can love always.

Carla Conlon
(A single mum too)

Carla, QLD, 2 yr girl

My email address is [email protected] is you wanna message me

Carla, QLD, 2 yr girl

hey everyone, im 19 and 31weeks pregnant with a baby girl. i just came across this site today, i think its a great idea though, its nice to catch up with other young mums.
take care smile
Dear Karen,
congrats on becoming a mother!
I am 22 yrs old, live in sydney and am expecting my 2nd child in feb 2004. i am still scared about having my 2nd child even though i have a great husband and family. i think that if i wasn't just a bit little scared about it then i would be really worried. all mothers are scared and worried about being good mums and making it through the journey of parenthood, we have just got to enjoy the life experience while we have been given the chance. remember, nature has a way of looking after herself.
my email:[email protected]
hi karen i also live in a 19 year old mother of a 10 month old girl and i love being a mum.i couldnt live without my daughter.sorry to hear that the father partner stuck by me and loves being a if u want sum1 to talk to add me to your msn i would be glad to chat to you
hi my name is johanne i am a young mum to i am 27 and got a 10 months boy name Ethan and have been a mum [email protected] i on msn to so let chat to you all your young mums out there?

[email protected] plainland qld

hay mel, its jackie, how are you??? how is jade?? i was new 2 this site and stumbled across ure letter!!!! ne ways talk soon, ru cumn 2 young mums group on wednesday???? see ya

jackie nsw, tiana 1yr

OMG this site has all of a sudden taken off with young mums. Dont get me wrong i am so not complaining i was pretty much the only one (or so i thought) at one stage. Hi all.

Bek (21), Peter (25), Chelsea (3) Luke (1)

yes ofcourse im coming to young mums oh and can u get my camera from ur mums and bring it on wednesday for me please
hey everyone.. how are you all going with your pregnancies/babies?? hope all is well..
hi carla, i'm not a young mum anymore as i am now 29, but my first baby was born when i was only 16 yrs old. It can be hard at a young age and single but still i lwould not change any of it now. bye for now martha. good luck
hey all my name is emily and i am 17 and 37 weeks pregnant. I live in brisbane and dont know that many young pregnant mums so when i came across this I was really happy! I am so looking forward to my bubby and if anyone wants to talk i would be more than willinging! here is my email addy
[email protected]

so either email me or add me and i would be glad to talk to some girls that were going through the same thing.

Emily (17), EDD 1/11/2003

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