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Hi Emma.

I'm glad you're having a good time in Sydney. Milly and I leave to go on hols tomorrow night. I can't wait. Hopefully she'll go ok in the car.

Going to London sounds fun. Your lucky your sister gets to go to. That'll be good for Maya to have someone she know's with her.

Anyway, I have to go. Milly's in childcare and I'm meant to be packing.

Talk to you when I get home.

Hi Penn,

Sorry to hear that the party was bad in a way. I get that all the time with duke and he's new girlfriend. Duke's girlfriend has meet duke's family now and it has really annoyed me......... it's like they dont want anything to do with mya just the new girlfriend. Her name is Beth..... I hate her so much..... and she knows it too....... She goes over there all the time for dinner... and what makes me mad is that she goes over there for dinner but i cant go there just to visit... by the way they dont think i know where they live but he's aunty already told me..... TO BAD..... He's family had mya last week-end and i thought duke was there also but he slept out all week-end at a friends..... God he make me angry.... Well i better go..

Hope to hear for you soon...

Love and kisses
Carla and Mya

Carla, QLD, 2 yr girl

hi carla my name is tanya and i have 2.5 yr old son named jordan. I had jordan when i was 20 living away from home down in sydney with my partner. we were doing really well and still are. we have had it hard since having jordan he has problems and have many hospital visits. we have struggled hard and have learned to deal with these problems very well. it is hard and u learn to deal with things. guys are dicks all together u don't need them half the time but when u do its like the end of the world. don't worry about duke he seems to be missing the big picture in life and when ur daughter gets older duke will know about cos she probably won't have ne thing to do with him. ne way i just thought i would just say good luck and quick hello

if ne one would like to talk just msn at
[email protected]

dig ya later
Hey Carla.

I'm starting to get really nervous now. Only 2 weeks till the new baby is born. I don't know what he wants from Milly. Whether he'll still want her if this new one is a girl (it's meant to be). I don't want Milly to miss out, but I can't do much about it. Court is also in 2 weeks so it'll be interesting if he even turns up.

Things sound bad with you and Duke. I know how you feel with the wohle girlfriend thing. Everyone ignores me when I go to Lukes. I've been to 3 family bbq's so far and only been offered food at one (that was his birthday lunch). I left the other 2 about 30mins after they had all eaten because I was hungry and couldn't be bothered waiting around to see if they'd feed me eventually. They do however always feed Milly. At least that's kind of good.

I'm still not sure how I feel about Sindy. I get annoyed that his family have accepted her more than they did and have me. I sometimes get jealous that she doesn't want Luke to have anything to do with us. I don't like her, but tolerate her for Luke's sake and to keep harmony.

Anyway must go. Milly spent last night at my sisters and I can't wait to get her home.

Take care.

Hi everyone,
Sorry I haven't been on for so long - Maya and I went to London on 26/10 and only got back on 22/11 (last Mon), so we have been pretty busy.
Our holiday pics are up on her website

We had a great time, i was working there and my sister came and looked after Maya while I worked. We also had a weeks holiday in Vienna (Austria).

Sorry to hear that things with Luke aren't to good Penny. I know how hard that is, but I'm lucky that Willie's family has always accepted Maya and I, even when he wouldn't! I can't imgine how you must be feeling with his next bubs due - I would be devastated if Willie had a baby with someone else (even tho he has older children with different women, just the thought of him making more
Willie is being really good atm, he even invited me to his work xmas do, which is a shock, as he has never asked me before. It's next Sat, so I've got a babysitter and we're going!

Good to hear from you Carla, and sounds like things are going well for you and Mya. i hope Duke's girlfriend doesn't cause too many problems between Mya and his family.

Betta go. We are going to a xmas party this afternoon.
Emma and Maya

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

Well. You'll be all please to know I now have full custody of Milly. Luke didn't show up to court and the magistrate said he hasn't showed interest since birth and shouldn't get anything now (well words to that effect).

Also Elizabeth Jane (Luke's new baby) was born on 20th November. I only found out after going over to Milly's grandma's and dropping off Blake's christmas present. I was not impressed. The least they could've done was let Milly see her.

Anyway I have to go and get Milly some brekky.

Hope everyones ok.


Yay! I remeber when I got full custody of Maya, it's such a feeling of security knowing that her dad can't just come and take her away.
My parents are also testementary guardians of maya, which means if anything happens to me, they have equal rights with Willie to custody of her, as I wouldn't want him to raise her.
I'm sorry you haven't had a chance to meet Milly's new baby sister. I took Maya to meet her older half brother when she was 15 mths, and he loved her, but he is much older (19). Hopefully, Milly and Elizabeth will get a chance to meet each other as they get older, and maybe even be close friends.
We're back in Sydney for xmas, busy busy busy, working flat out atm. So much to do!
If I don't talk to you before hand, hope you guys have a great xmas!!
PS. There's some new pics of Maya up on her website

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

I hope everyone had a good christmas and new year. Milly spent from Dec 29 to 31 in hospital. She had an IV in and wasn't eating or drinking. As a change her father visited her every day we were there. He also bought Elizabeth one day, so at least we've seen her now.
Last night Milly spent the night at my sisters. Hopefully she'll be home soon.

Anyway. Have to go.

Write more later.

Hi Penny,
I hope Milly is okay now! Maya was in hospital twice in 2003 with gastro had a tube in her nose and the works. It's so scary as a parent knowing there's nothing you can do.
We are in Sydney (againLOL!) then going home on Saturday. I will be so glad to get home and stay there - I have been away so much lately!
What a shame Milly had to get sick to see her dad. And that she was probably too sick to really enjoy her new baby sister. I hope she gets another opportunity soon. Maya's dad is picking us up from the airport on Sat night, and he is excited about seeing her. She has been talking to him on the phone, so cute!
Anyways, merry xmas and a happy new year!

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

How are you?
Well Luke's mum and I are fighting. We got photos of Blake and Milly done back in August. She paid me $50 just before christmas. She still owes me $150 so I wrote her a letter asking for the money. I left in on her doorstep with Her christmas present and Aunty Erin's and Elizabeth's. (We haven't got any christmas presents from them yet).
She wrote me back a 4 page letter on how I've stopped their relationship with Milly because I went to court and got custody of her. The interim orders were that he had to come here and see her and the full orders that he could ring up and take her whenever. They reckon the interim orders are still in place and they all feel uncomfortable coming to our house. My responce to her was that the final orders are in place, but if they really wanted to see her they would come over and see her.

I'm not in the best of moods with her at the moment.

I hope everyone is ok.


(P.S. our computer crashed and it took us forever to fix it. Sorry for the late reply)


i'm sarah i just loved being pregnant had my daugter 14mths ago i kind of miss being pregnant because their was sum1 always their but of cause i had my fat days to

when anita was born she was so tiny but now shes running around and talking painting pictures and shes such a grab

best thing to do is to do what u feel is best for u and the baby dont let other people talk u into things and just get out and about and meet other young mums and older mums so u can pick up ideas and ask for advice as well

just having a baby is the best feeling in the world i'm hopeing to have another one by the end of next year

u can email me at: [email protected]

Mckenzies monkeys

Hey all

My name is Andrea i am 23 years old and my daughter Eloise will be turning 3 in October. I am still with Eloise's father and we have been together for 6 yrs in August. I am living on the Gold Coast, queensland. I am studding full time as well.

i would love to meet other young mums. I have created a young parents group on msn groups. I am always on there so if you want to chat to me more ( or other young Aussie mums) come and joing young aussie parents

Andrea, Gold Coast.2 yr old daughter Eloise

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