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Hi my name is Saskia, I too am 21, and have a 7 1/2 month old son, Anthony. I remember when I was 35 weeks pregnant and counting down the days, then my dew date came and went and two weeks later my son was finally born, after 38 hours in labour and missing mothers day by just over 9 hours (ripped off).
Enjoy the remaining time you have to yourself, have a long bubble bath for me, trust me after your little one is born there isn't much time for just you.
Anyway I must be off, I hope to hear more about you and how you and your partner go with the arrival of your beautiful and very precious package. If you wish to contact me my email is [email protected] . Whatever you do, don't let anyone critisize your decision to have a child so "young", it is the most amazing and rewarding experience you'll ever have.

nsw, 7mth baby

Hi every one smile
Everyone have a good X-mas?
Does anyone have any advice on what to do or how to relax in the last few days of pregancy?. I'm due in 5 days and can't stop thinking about it....... I'm driving myself crazy, Help anyone!!!!!

WA Sasha 6/1/04

i had an ok christmas, i can't wait till next year when we have a baby to spiol it'll be so fun!!
i'm not due till the 24th of jan but i can understand where your coming from!! i think maybe you should try occupying your mind do some craft, visit a mate or get someone to come over & occupy you!!! i can't wait till i have 5 days left!! i can't wait to see my baby!! and know it's ok. i hope you have a good new year and don't stress!!! hope to hear from u soon. let me know how it all goes!!
x angelstar...


to everyone, hope all your pregnancies go well. Enjoy having time to yourself before the baby is born and relax as much as possible. When your little bundle of joy is born you'll be lucky to have 10 mins to yourself every day. My son is now 7 months old, and I was blessed with the perfect child. From day one he'd sleep most of the night, only waking once or twice. And now at 7 months he'll sleep from 6 till 6 although I wake him at 9 to feed him. I was very lucky, and I do feel sorry for these mums who barely get 4 hours sleep a day. Anyway hope you all had a great chrissie and have a fantastic new year. Will talk soon. Enjoy those babies while you can coz they grow up so so fast.
i have an 10 month old n im only 17 aswell!! it makes u feel alot betta knowin there is other ppl out there in ur sitution!!
Hi to everyone. i was amazed to see so many young mums out there like myself. I'm 22, married and have a 17month old son and 31weeks pregnant with another which is due on 16 March 2003. It would be really great to talk to other young mums out there. Sometimes it's funny the way people treat you when you tell them that you're ONLY young and expecting your second, it's like they think you won't be able to handle it or have the maturity to bring up a child, when half the time you're already doing a better job than what they are. lol. This pregnancy has been really different from the first and as i had a winter baby last time the heat is really getting to me. I'd really like to talk to other mums so just post a reply here. Good luck to all of you expecting i hope everything goes well. Don't be scared, just make sure you know what you do or don't want and that your helper knows too. See ya
I am amazed but not at the number of young mums, of any one else is like me I dont think I could have handled having my babies when I was older... I had Steph when I was 18& 1/2 & Ben when I was only just 20... Stephs was a horrific labour, only just coming naturally, while Ben's was a breeze & he was 9lb9... He broke my tailbone though which was painful for months to come... Now I have a beautiful 2 yr old & a gorgeous 9 month old... all before I turn 21.... I had a little trouble with the age factor, but my partner is 31 so was really keen to settle down & ppl saw we love each other so no more questions...
The rudest thing I have encountered though is being asked by a centerlink staff member (whose daughter I went to school with) if it was the same father for both kids... While it is, what difference should it make considering she was only asking out of curiosity
Well if anyone wants to email me they are welcome to on [email protected]
MSN on the same address

Mikarla 21, NSW, girl 2yrs, boy 9 months

hi there,
i'm 22 & was pregnant at almost 19 with my first child after 11 mths trying & a miscarriage 2 mths earlier & when my boy was 8 mths old we tried for another 7 mths only to miscarry again and then accidentally fell pregnant 4 mths later with twins at age 21 (was only an accident because i was still unsure of whether or not i could deal with another pregnancy or miscarriage) & i had no contact with my mother or most of the family since i was 14 until i found out i was having twins but now my mother & i have terrific conversations every week even though we haven't seen each other in 9 years and she hasn't seen anything other than photos of the children.

with 3 beautiful children, a loving but not so helpful partner & great conversations with my mother what more could i ask for.

Tanya, had 3 boys under 26 months

Hi everyone, I'm a not so young mum - had my daughter at age 24, she is now 17mths. My mother-in -law had my husband when she was 17. His father denied the baby was his. My husband has never been in contact with his father and now he is 27yrs old. I sometimes wonder if my daughter will ever know her grandfather but its up to my husband to decide if he ever wants to meet him.
Although raising 2 sons alone (6 years apart in age) was difficult , my hubby turned out fine. Hes a loving dad to our daughter and with no male role model to take after hes doing a great job, although I wish he'd change more nappys! The best thing I did was join a playgroup - the other mums may be heaps older but we're all women and know what its like to deal with crying babies.
God bless, hope it goes well for you all
hi, my name is louise and im 24, had my baby girls tahlia when i was 23. things are going great but having alot of problems with sleeping. how old is your daughter now? it would be nice to hear from you.

hi Karen
My name is Loretta. I was in a very similar situation as you when i was 19. I know it is very hard to deal with the fact that the father wants nothing to do with the baby. In my case the father was on my back all thru the prenancy to be a part of the baby's life, but once she was born her turned around and said he didn't want to know her. So i understand how u feel. I found it hard at first, but then i can to the conclusion that he was going to be the one missing out on all the joy and happiness that a baby brings. My daughter is now 2yo and the father still has nothing to do with her. she doesn't even know he exists. It is hard to deal with still at times because i can not understand how someone would not want to know their own child. Anyhow, if you would like to hear more as to how i dealt with things please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] . I am on MSN as well.
Take Care and just enjoy everything that your baby will bring smile

Loretta,VIC,2yo daughter

Hi Ladies,
My name is Shannon and im Due in Aug04 my 1st and im 22, I dont feel so young at heart but still at my age i get the you are so young WHY......
Im sooo happy and excited about the whole thing but my main problem is my partner who is ignoreing the whole thing He is 24 and i think his Issue is that he has to grow up finally.
Why are men so selfish I understand this was an unplaned pregnancy but im over the moon about it, we have known for a month now and he is only getting worse distanceing him self from me I just dont get it as we were planing to start to having kids next year, I find him so hard to talk to.
Ive been faced with the issue that i may have to do this on my own, I am now very scared and hope i dont, but if i have to Ill be strong for the babys sake.

Thanx For Listening smile

Shannon WA, DD Tiana 2, No2 EDD 8th May

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