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Hi Melanie,
My name is Bec I'm 21 and I hava a 10 month old boy, Jay. I live in brisbane also, in oxley. I would love to chat and get to know more young mums in brissy. email me [email protected] Hope to chat soon smile

mum to Jay born March 2003


I was just wondering if you have had your baby yet?? My sister is due on the 20th of Jan so she only has 2 days to go. She is really anoyed with me though because my son was 3 weeks early. She is really lucky to have a good DR though, she said if she doesn't have her baby by the 26th they will induce her on the 27th which is really good because most hospitals can make you wait for 10 - 14 days beofre they will induce you.

Best of luck


Mummy to Joshie 15/07/03 & Hannah Lily 26/02/06

Hi, I was in the same place where you are now. I was 17 when i had my baby which also is a little girl, her name is Mya. The father of my child didn't what nothing to do with me during the pregancy or anything with her during her first few months. It was really hard for me because i was all on my own. Mya dad parents have just found out that she existed a week before christmas, she was about 6mths. He was to scared of telling he's family so one dad i got fed up with him not coming and visiting our baby so i went and told he's family, it was so hard but in the end it has really worked out. We are not back together but he's trying really hard to be here and help me. Just give him some time, that's what i did. He probably freaking out and is trying not to show it. Keep calling and tell him how much you need him to be there for you and the baby. In the end hopefully he'll come around.

Take Care you'll be a great mum.

Carla (8mth baby girl)

Carla, QLD, 2 yr girl

Hi BriannasMyAngel
I just came across your message and i also had a baby on the 14 June 2003. I also didn't use any drugs. How cool is that. What time was your baby born and where did you have her if you dont mind me asking.

Carla, QLD, 2 yr girl

Hi Everyone,

I am really glad I had opened this forum for Young Mum's. It is going really good....... I am now 18 with a 8mth old baby girl, but boy is she big. I hope everyone is going great. I would really like to hear from all you's young mum, and up-date me on everything that has been happening with you and your babies even if you haven't had a baby yet. My e-mail address is: [email protected] please write i will reply. If you what you can add me to your yahoo or msn messager. My address for that are: [email protected] or [email protected] I would love to hear from all of you's

Your Friend

Carla, QLD, 2 yr girl

hi carla,names katie i have a almost 2 yr old son,i was 20 when feel pregant i really wasnt ready as my bf and i broke up before i found out i was pregnant and was with another woman so i didnt tell him,which is good as i found out he is on 57counts of child sex offence,but during my pregnacy i felt alone but scared but lucky my parents where there,i didnt know whatever to have an abortion as i wasnt ready to give up my social life,i enjoyed it,and the raising a baby for the rest of my life was scarey but now ive had him and thinking of my social life i dont care,my mates brag about having fun but im soo glad i had him and kept him he means the world to me even though he gets into things,etc fridge,cupbaords..haha i love him in thepast 2 yrs ive only gone out 5 times for like 4 hrs i had him by emergency c-section,on wed 19th june 2002 was in labour for 13hrs only dilated to 4cm,in the end i had epidural-THANK GOD!! found out in op-room he was large baby and me being 5ft tall,small frame,i was a size 6,now im a size 12 but he was 10lbs 1oz 56cm long head 24" i was the talk of the hospital everyone cum in to look at him after i was in pain couldnt move,or breastfeed him right plus it hurt like hell,but now no social life i dont care,id rather spend money on my son which i do bloody $200 a week,anyways thats my story i dont regret it ppl say ur too young to raise a son whoi cares if u can give up ur social life stop drinking,and smoking for ur baby thats great.any replies email me at [email protected]

katie,nsw,20mth son

hi karen,names katie i was 20 when i feel pregnant my bf and i had broken up,we still dont talk or nothing i dont want him in my life he is on sex child chargers,be strong and stay positive,at times after the birth the father changes his mind,you have to decided whatever to put him on the birth certificate eveb though he might not want to,if u do he has rights and might push u to do some things,i say if he didnt want to be there in 1st place dont put him,i done this my self,and am glad im strong as and love my son,there r lots of single mums and they do it all on their own.hold ur head up and be me [email protected] ok

katie,nsw,20mth son

Hullo everyone,

My name is Alex and I am 20yo and currently 32 weeks pregnant with my first. I have been lucky enough to have my partner supporting me throughout this time and I couldn't have imagined him to have been anymore amazing throughout this entire experience.
We are both extremely excited about the birth of our little angel as time gets even closer.

I am also an Assistant Manager to an young mothers group which is based in Adelaide therefore if there is anyone who is interested you can add me at [email protected]

I would love to meet more people my age who are expecting or already who have children, especially if you live in close proximity to me.

Take care everyone and good luck with your pregnancies.
Love Alex

SA, beautiful baby boy born 3/04/04 my life

Golly I didnt realise how many other young mothers there are out there.
Anyway my name is Chris and I have a little boy named Joshua he was born on the 20/03/2003.
I am a single 18 yo mother and am really enjoying motherhood, but I would really like to talk to some other mothers out there, so if anyone is interested, drop me a line at:-
[email protected]
Thanks guys

Joshua Kaelib 20/03/2003

hey, my names leah and im 21 in a couple of months actually but i fell pregnant when i was 19. even though my boyfriend stuck with me we were both very scared aswell. im so sorry to hear about your boyfriend. my baby is now 5mths old and shes so beautiful. we live in sydney too (liverpool). if you need any advice please dont hesitate to ask.
my email address is [email protected]

Leah and Zoe (2.10.2003)

hey guys

i am 19 years old and have the most beautiful 9 month baby gal and would like to chat on msn

also i would like to say how proud i am of all you young single mums although i would if i had too, i dont think i would be able to do it alonebut i know how you feel wen i was 17 i thought that i was pregnant but thank goodness it didnt end up being as the would be father treated me like crap for three months calling me a slut and all the other names that you could think of and saying that the baby wasnt his
although i have had alot of problems when i was pregnant with charlee, people saying that the she wasnt my partners but there is no doubt that charlee isnt his (as she is a spittin image of him) and thankfully he has stuck with me

good on you for being loving mothers there are alot of people who feel they are a berden

mandi xxx

DD may 03, DS oct 06

Hello everybody, i haven't had much time to surf the web since the birth of my little girl, she wakes up everytime i try to go online.

My experience of pregnancy and birth, were good. I didn't get morning sickness, i didnt start showing untill about 6-7 months, i only put on weight in the last 6wks. Labour was fairly easy, only 5hrs and had pathidene and gas. No stiches or anything. My little girl weight 6lb or 2720g. She was born on the 6/1/04, at 2356. I was booked in to be inducted for the following morning, but she came naturally smile

I have a partner, and he has been great through the whole experience, we both wanted to have a baby, and we planned it, has anyone else got negitive feedback, about being young, and wanting to be a parent?.
I would love to chat with other mums, i'm from WA and i'm 20 (21 in july) my partner in almost 27.

I look forward to your replys
All the best to everyone else, at whatever stadge your at wink

Melissa and Sasha(6/1/04)

WA Sasha 6/1/04

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