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No they're not all my children - Maya is my only biological child (1) and Ihave brought the 11 year old up since she was 5 so she considers me her mum. The others, all boys, have never lived with us, and we don't talk to 2 of them.
Yes, it is hard being a single mum, especially when bubs gets sick, and Maya is sick often with her allergies etc, but I agree with Carla, better sooner than later. i left her dad when she was 3 mths because he is an alcoholic. On teh bright side tho, he is now sober and spends a lot of time with his daughters.

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

lol Carla, he knew I was in labour coz I was labouring at home for 36 hours and I had to wake hime up to help me put my stuff in the car

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

Guys they are all the some LOL. You can get guys with lots of brain but most of them dont really have brains.

Carla, QLD, 2 yr girl

My little girl is now 7 mths. Her dad came over for the first time in a month the other night. He stayed for 15 mins. How can I get him to see what he's missing out on and be a part of her life. He has a new girlfriend which I don't care. I think he thinks I'm jealous, but the only reason I want him around is for Milly. I know I can live without him. Can someone please help me??

The most important thing I think is to let you daughter make up hr own mind about what she thinks of her dad. It's really hard - once I lost it with my 11 year old and told her her father is just a useless alcoholic, which is really unfair even if it is true. He's still their father. I want my girls to decide that their dad is a loser for themselves, because if I bring them up telling them that they will resent me for not letting thm see their dad. At the same time, don't lie to them or make dad out to be a hero when he's not. I also find it helps not to tell them when he's coming over so if he turns up it's a nice surprise and if he doesn't there' no disappointment.
I know its hard being a mum on your own but cherish all the really great times and don't feel sad that bubs father is missing the first smile, stp etc. because he is an adult and he has made a conscious choice not to be there.

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

How was your weekend with duke Carla?
Maya's dad came over on Saturday afternoon and stayed half the night which ws great for her.

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

You are pretty much in the some place as i was. I just keep trying, i would call him and tell him how i felt and how our daughter would feel when she grows up. I think the best way for him to see what he is missing out on is to get him involved. I always ring duke (the babies dad) and tell him if she is doing something new. Duke has also got a girlfriend, i what him back so much but i just have to wait till the time is right. I rang him last night and we talked for a long time. He was meant to sleep over last wk-end but he didn't i got really pissed off, i was really hoping that he was going to spend time with her. I was really upset talking to him last night but i told him how i felt etc. I also told him that he's daughter is way more important then he's girlfriend. He has now got to choose what he is doing this wk-end. Spending time with he's daughter or he's girlfriend. I told him that if he spends time with hes girlfriend, i will really tell her what i think of her and that is going to be with my hand not mouth. She is the one stopping him from see her because of me. She always tell him to spend time with her. She thinks that im going to steal him. Only time will time. Just call him and tell him how you really feel. I hope things work out for you. Take Care

Carla, QLD, 2 yr girl


He didn't show. Boy was i angry. I had called him earlier in the day to see what was up. He told me he was at shopping, I had called him back at 8:30pm but he said he was to tired and that he had a football game at 10am the next morning so he was just going home. I went into watch he's football game the next day but he was playing till 12pm he's little brother was playing at 10am. I ended up chatting with duke's best friends girlfriend (Maria) who is also my friend. She told me that he had slept over there and went to football with them. I had talked to him at the football game but didn't tell him that i knew where he slept. I left Mya with he's family, While i had to go to the Police Station. Later that nite i rang him and got really mad. I pretty much told him every mean you can say. I told him that he has to cancelle all of he's plans this wk-end was im going to make it hell for him, for the rest of he's life. All i have to do is tell he's family a few things and he's friends. I just hate it when people lie. As long as people are nice to me i'll be nice back. So fill me in....Hoe was your wk-end LOL

Carla, QLD, 2 yr girl

Hey alex,
I'm living in Melbourne, but I used to live in Adelaide ... in Leabrook do you know it? Well, my little baby is 4 months old and growing into a gorgeous little boy! You must be getting so excited now ... only a few weeks to go!! Good luck hope it all goes well for you.

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

Sounds like my w-end was a bit better than yours lol. Willie (Maya's dad) came over Sat afternoon and stayed for ages playing with her. Then on Sunday I did the Round the Bays, an 8.4km walk with Maya in the pram. Then I picked up my big daughter (she's 11) and took the girls to Pizza HUt for dinner. I haven't seen Willie since, but he has rung evry day and is coming to babysit for Maya tomorrow while I go out.
I don't know if I want him back. that's the hard part, because he does want e back and he tells me that. I just don't know if I can trust him, coz when I was pregnant he was out drinking al the time and he slept around too. Still, I do still love him, so who knows what will happen.
Exciting news - I graduate from university on 7 April!
I hope duke does what he's told this weekend, otherwise you and mya should do something special together just the two of you and forget about what useless creatures men are (I don't know if I can swear on here!)

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

PS What is it with these hoochies that hang around with men who have kids? It's quite pathetic, and how could they ever think that they would be more important than his kid. Blood is thicker than hoochie

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

Hey there Brandons mum,

I vaguely know the area although not too well. It is a shame that you don't live in Adelaide anymore since it would have been wonderful to catch up with you. Time as fast as it may be going, is also going too slow and our bubbles Daddy and me are getting impatient and want to meet our little angel.

Thankyou for your best wishes and I hope that things are going well with your beautiful little boy.

Love Alex

SA, beautiful baby boy born 3/04/04 my life

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