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Hurt, confussed, emotionally drained Lock Rss

hi everyone,
I usually come on here with happy thoughts but today its different.
I recently left a emotionally abusive partner and took my 13week old baby girl with me. I can hear all you mothers out there screaming blue murder but please let me explain. It may sound like im bagging out n my partner but what im telling u is the truth.
When we first met 3 yrs ago my partner used different names in order (she said) to escape from a violent past. I didnt have a problem with that until late last year.
I didnt know at the time but she applied and got a job using a assumed name. Might not be that bad until i realised that not only had she used some other persons name but she used their FULL identity, qualifications and experience to get the job. The job she got requires uni degree.
She eventually got caught and was charged for 2 seperate things.
As we were starting to deal with this she was arrested again for making a false report to the terrorsim hotline(this was 9months ago not recently). Which she was again charged for. The police inquired into her back ground and found out she had aorund 15 different names and has a fairly long criminal record for fraud, deception, fire arm offence and had been investigated for murder. All this they revealed to me.
We were running our own training business at the time and all the money when to fighting her legal fees.
I lost several of my close friends and had to sell (or give away which ever way u look at it) my house because we 1. Couldnt afford to live there 2. she make the allegations about my neighbour (who was my friend).
Durng all this we found out she was pregnant so we decide to work thru it all.
two weeks ago she had a car accident and hit her head she was taken to hospital were she work up 5 hrs later and didnt know who she was, who I was etc. This went on for nearly a week.
I was a wreck. My baby was upset all the time cause she knew something was wrong with me.
I nearly had a breakdown thats how bad i was.
After we left hosptial she confirmed with me that she had faked the last 4 days in order to get a mental condition so she could be trialled under the mental health act instead of the criminal law.
On the Sunday night she said she had spoken to her father and she was going to leave me and take my baby.
I have always looked after my daughter from the day she was born. I used to drive up to 1/2 each way to see her twice a day. My partner only came to the hospital once before the night of her release.
My x ran our business whilst i looked after our baby. I was the one who sat up to 2 or 3 pm if bub had wind or was sick never her. She would only do the morning feed (around 7) so i could get some sleep.
My partner once punched and kicked me as i held my baby.
So i left on sunday night and with my parents help am now staying at their house.
My x was running my business bacause she said she knew what she was doing (she had done this thing before). Our latest BAZ statement had problems with it so the tax office wanted to send someone out. My parents howaredirectors of the company too went to our accountant the week she was in hospital. They found out that she had made nearly all of the statement up. She had claimed in excess of $250,000 losses for each of the last 4 statements when there wasnt any where near that amount. Our accontant told us that there was a possibility that we would be all charged with fraud, fined and possibily sent to jail. My mum stop eating she nearly had a breakdown over ths as well as the thought of lossing her house and job.
The man from the ATO was great he quickly understood that we were just stupid not criminals. We still have to pay back over $30,000 but at least we are all not in jail.
My x and I had sat down a few weeks ago and talked about what we wanted together as a future. I thought we were getting better as a couple. How wrong was I. She told me this week she had been talking to her x b/f for the last month and after i had left with our baby she had orgainsed for him and her to go away together for the weekend.
She has only now realised how much we both ment to her but i know its now to late.
She has emotionally wrecked me, financially destroyed my life and business and has put my family into massive debt.
After all of this there is no way i can take myself or baby back there.
What i was wondering are there any single parents in the Hills area of sydney who would like to get togther for coffee and a chat for support. I have just discovered how lonely it can be. Dont get me wrong my parents are the best in the world but i would like to talk to other single parents about raising children, custody, visitation rights etc.
You can contact me here if you are interseted or on msn my addy is [email protected] (its a l as in lost not a one).
thanks again
I'm not a single mum or live in your area. However I do sympathise with your situation. So many ppl forget that women are just as capable as men in being able to tear apart the lives of others.
Good luck. I hope you find the help and support you need.

Robynne-69 DH-61 DS1-94 DD1-96 DS2-99 DS3&DD2-04

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