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IVF mum's - want to chat? Lock Rss

Hi ladies

Would love to chat with you all. Have just been thinking of some of the funny (on not so) things people have asked since having my 2 kids - both from IVF, DS after 9 attempts and DD after 1 FET.

SIL asked if DS and DD, who look alike came from the same embryo??

A friend said I should be able to concieve naturally seeing I've had 2 kids and had no problems getting PG with DD!! After 15 years ttc DS, male and female factor and now aged 41...what are the chances of getting PG naturally?

Stupid sister said she would like her next kid via IVF as IVF kids are gorgeous!

I just can't stop shaking my head in disbelief!

Do you hope to have more kids via IVF?

We still have 3 frozen embryo's and I am happy to have 2 more kids than I thought I would have, don't want to donate embryo's so still pondering what to do with them...maybe transfer next year??
hi i have one frozen embryo left,do you know if you have to have all the drugs before the transfer.
YES i had some funny comments as well,i was lucky second attempt fell preggos with twins b/g....
its weird knowing that iv got an embryo thats four days old sitting up there waiting to be collected, yes i would like to chat some more ......tracy
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