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Calling all Michelles? Lock Rss

I can't believe how many Michelles are on this forum!!! Maybe we should start our own "MummyMichelle" club!! I'm also one of 3 Michelles in my mother's group and right throughout my whole school life I was never the only Michelle in my class at school!! And my Dad thought he had chosen a nice original name when I was born!!!
we had 2 michelles in our antenatal class!!!

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Hi Michelle,

I'm with you....there are so many Michelle's around!! My dad named me after the Beatles song! In primary school I had 3 other Michelle's in my calss all the way though. Anyway, I live in Lara(near Geelong). Where do you live???


Michelle - Mum to 2

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I am also Michelle.

Worked with 2 Michelle's also & have a friend named Michelle..

Michelle, mum to Corey 14/3/03 - Bankstown

Wow!! That's the fastest lot of responses I've had on a topic so far!!!
I was also named Michelle after the Beatles song and my parents swear that at the time they knew of no other girls named Michelle (that was in 1968....a very long time ago!!).
I sometimes wish I had a more original name, for example....often when I ring someone who's not a close friend and I say "It's Michelle here"....there's a pause and I can tell they are trying to figure out which Michelle it is because they know so many!!
Any other Michelles out there??? Drop us a line!!
hi their,
yet another michelle here!!!
isnt it amazing how many of us their are around the site! i was named after anyone at all, my mum wanted to call me rebecca dad wanted me to be called kylie and so how i ended up as michelle! one of my really close friends is also a michelle.
anyway i am a sinlge mother to a 17 month old boy and i live in geelong. anyone who wants to chat call email me at [email protected]
Hi Michelle,

I am another Michelle!! Yippee smile

My daughter is also Madeleine Michelle.

I too have noticed there are a lot of Michelle's out there...

My mum wanted to call me Shelia and my dad wanted to call me Laura or Michelle... well yep obviously I ended up with Michelle.

I have known a lot of Michelle's too.

We are a great bunch aren't we smile

What a fun post... glad I could be part of it wink

chelle chelle,
chelle belle
or just plain old michelle

i get "michelle" when im in trouble but all the rest from everyone when im good (hehe!) smile
when i was in year 7 in english class there were 4 of us michelle's so the teacher called us all by our surnames so he didnt confuse himself smile

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Another Michelle here and yes I too was named after the Beatles song. We named our dd Taneisha Michelle. We've given both of our kids unusual names, (ds is Tariq) in the hope that they don't have other kids in their class with the same name. I had 2 other girls at primary school called Michelle and 3 at high school, then another one when I was working. It was always so confusing. So how many Michelle's is that now?

Taneisha 15/12/01, Tariq 29/05/03, Malik 25/08/05

i'm a michelle too i get called all names relating to michelle ie shell bell, shelley (by my dad),mish
i too were named after beatles song when i was born mum said there were no other michelle lol but when we moved up to central coast from syd there were about 3 other michelle's but come high school they was about 7 to 8 other michelle.
at work now there are two of us workers and about 4 customers called michelle
my daughter didn't escape michelle either she got the belle from shell belle her name is lilybelle

Miss Lilybelle 7 & Master Charlie Jasper 4

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