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Hi to all single mums!! Lock Rss

Hi everyone!!
this is such a cool idea, i never realised how popular it is!! My name is Amanda and i am 21 and have a 8 month old daughter, and am a single mum. everyone i know has partners so i haven't really been able to talk to anyone whos doing it alone like me!! I am keen to talk to anyone in the same position as me!!
hi amanda my names sally i am aslo a single mum im 23 have a 22 months old boy. Ive been this way since i left my partner in august last yaer as he played up on me. Im about the same al my friend who have kids have partners but have recently forma single mums/dads group(we had or first bloke this week) just so we can all get together and suport each other and have some adult contact. Maybe u could look into doing something like this in your area one of the other mums and myself started this one we gather at my house once a week in the evening cause a lot of us work we normally all bring food and have dinner the kids play and watch movies and we just al sit around and talk we advertised in the local paper and at doctors surgeries and the baby clinic it has only been up and running on 4 weeks now but have 10 members and 18 kids ranging from 1 months old to 16.

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Hi Amanda,
I'm Emma, and I'm single mum to Maya who is 14mths. I've been a single mumsince Maya was 3 mths old. Her dad and I had a great relationship for 3 years, then I got (unplanned) preg and he started to play up, cheated on me, etc. etc. So I finally decided I wanted a better life for my daughter than that.
It is hard financially, as I have been studying, but I've just started doing a bit of freelance writing from home (I'm a journalist). Also, I have no family in Auck where I live, so thats been a bit tough.
On the bright side, I have a completely beautiful little girl, who is healthy, happy and alert, and her dad is starting to sort his life out, so now spends much more time with her.
My email is [email protected] and there are some pics of Maya at

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hi all, my name is michelle and i am also a sinlge mother to an adorable little man who is almost 18months old. i have been single since not long after getting pregnant. i dont have many friends with children at all so i do get abit lonely at times but i love being a mum and love my little man to death!!! i like this idea of starting a sinlge mothers group. does any one know of how you can find the single parents in your area and the best way to go about starting one? anyway i would love to chat to any other single parents you can email me [email protected]
Nice to meet you guys!! me and my partner broke up when i got pregnant so i've done it all by myself, am living at home with my family which is great, i dont know if i could just cope with just baby talk!!! i have an 8month old daughter emily and as keeps me real busy as you all know! i dont know where to really find single mum groups, i havent seen any where i live although would be a great idea! my email address is [email protected] if any one also wants to chat!
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