Hi there!!! My name is Sue. Im 35 years old. Im married with 3 kids. I live in Jamisontown nsw. South Penrith. I have a mothers group on Friday afternoons. Its a great group. We have wine and nibblies whatch the kids play and chat about anything you like. Its great. Its a great atmosphere. We rotate house, you don't have to have this group at your house if not interested, thats ok. But if you don't have anything to do or you just want to get out of the house for the afternoon for a hour or a few then come and join us and have some fun. My e-mail is susiesmile@optusnet.com.au
My phone number is: 0247330243
Mobile is: 0412235329
come on and join us, you'll have a ball.

Or I don't mind if you just want to come over for a chat and a cuppa anytime. My kids would love to play with your kids. and I would love the company.
You are welcome over anytime, Just call me or e-mail me anytime. Don't be shy. Im easy to get along with. and Im a good listener. we can talk about anything you like. I think im a fun and easy going person. hehehheheheh.

I would love to meet you.
I hope to hear from you soon.

Sue Mother of 3 kids. Jamisontown nsw. South Penrith.