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Hi all,
I live in a country town in QLD near Toowoomba with my 4 kids.
My husband walked out on us last may and I know hardly anyone here (we moved here for his work )
I dont get to go out and meet people much as I always have the children and have no family here to baby sit.
Anyway I'd really like to be able to have some adults to chat with and hopefully make some friends.
My messenger addy is if you would like to chat.
Looking forward to meeting you

QLD, mum to 4

Hi Melsy,
just added you to my messanger!

kelly, NSW, 4year old and 2 year old boys and expe

Hello, i just added you too. Im a little lacking in the friends dept!!
Hi Melsy,
Yasmin here
Where abouts do you live? as my inlaws live in Chinchilla.
I know what it like being alone I am married with 2 kidlets. My husband is in the navy and away at the moment and we have just moved right across the other side of the country (perth) All the family are in QLD

Feel free to email if you lonely

Yasmin, WA, 2yr old & 7 mth old

hey ive just added you
Hi melsey.
I added you too.
hope to chat to you soon
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