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Is it just me or is hard to make new friends? Rss

Maybe it's me but I just can't seem to find a way of meeting mums in my new area. We moved to Berwick about 6 months ago. There's not to many houses built in our street yet so perhaps when they do I'll get to meet the neighbors.

I've never had trouble making firends in the past but I've always worked or been in a mum's group. Now that I'm a at home mum in a new area I'm stumped.

Any ideas? thoughts? I'm fairly new to messenger so I don't have many contacts either. If inteested I'm
Hi Cath smile

I am Melanie and i have 2 girls Tayla 9 years old and Monique is 1 and we are TTC #3.
I am not far from you i am in Hampton park smile
Look forward to chatting to you smile

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