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Dear all,
just thought I'd share a sad story and a little message.

In february I made enquires about a pirate boat (complete with sails and a cannon) for my child's party and was quoted a price. The information was sent to me and when I rang to book the price had "changed". However, due to my son's love of pirates I agreed, but expressed my disappointment.
I was going to send a cheque BUT cash on the day is preferred....Thankyou.

Well the party is on Saturday and after trying all week, we've finally got on to the guy who "doesn't want to do it now" So I have a sad child, 15 little pirate guests and no boat.

I'm sure I'll work something out but my message would be to be careful who you book with, make sure they've been around for a long time and always have a back up plan.

Also, many thanks to Jillian from the Melbourne's Child Office who pointed me in the right direction for some solutions.

Vic, boys 2&4

hey where abouts in melbourne are you? I replied to your message on that *other forum* ... but you could probably get a *pirate theme* jumping castle ... my friend did this for her son's second birthday!! Good-luck with it all

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

Sorry I didnt find this sooner but in QLD Hungry Jacks have theme parties and one of them was a pirate party... could have been worth a call..

Hope the day goes really well and remember your son and his friends will have a ball just being together.
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