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Hello all,
how are you tonight? Just wondering how everyone was feeling today and what they got up to with the families?
Have a good rest of the night

2 little angels,17 months and one on the inside


Well I know this was posted on the 8th which was ages ago but noone else has replied so I thought I would. Now let me see what did we do today:

Well we got up happy as can be, had weetbix for breaky and played on the floor with every toy we own......hehe
We did some art work.........ok so I dipped her hands in paint and put them on paper along with her feet, but she seemed to enjoy it.......she was covered head to toe in paint so a shower was in order.
Then came the all important nap, she is getting better at staying in her cot for naps now.......YAY
This afternoon we played some more, ate again, and again.
Had another nap, then dinner, then played some more before passing out .........hehehehe
Yup all in all a pretty full day.

Hope everyone else had a good day too


Nth Qld 2 year old Shannon

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