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Thank you for the phone call day.It was really good to speak with you.I hope to catch with you and the kids real soon.

Take care and we will chat soon.xx
Hey chick

It was great to speak with you again!!

I know you have a rough day today so my thoughts are with you guys xoxox

Speak to you soon

Hi Sweets,

Thank you for thinking of Me yesterday it was a very very sad day i was so hard to say goodbye knowing i won't get to see them again.The last 3 days has been very hard but im coping ok today.

I hope you guy's are having a great weekend.Hope to see you andthe kids on saturday.

Take care and i will call you soon.

Sorry we missed you guy's on Saturday.I hope you all had a happy and fun easter.
I hope everyone is well and taking things easy.I hope to catch up soon.
Hey Karli
Hope you guys are all well!!!
Sorry we missed Charls party have been so busy house hunting!
How was it?

I messaged you the other day we where over that way looking at a house and i was going to pop past!!

Any way chat soon

Hi Tarryn and kiddies,

We are all going good here.Rob was sick for the past few days last week but much better and back at work.Yay-lol

How are you all?

Sorry i didn't get your message untill yesterday i left my phone at my sister's place.I would have been good to see you and the kiddies.I miss seeing you and the kids.

I understand that you couldn't make it.It was a really great and fun afternoon.The kids all had heaps of fun.Way to much

Hope to chat soon.Take]
Is there such thing as to much chocolate lol
Im glad she had a good day and i cant believe the girls are 2 already ( well Tayah not until next month but still)

Glad Rob is feeling better and back at work out of your way lol

Im sure i will be over that way sometime next week so i will text you when i know and hopefully we can catch up

XOX Tarryn

No i don't think so,the kids love chocolate.

Are you doing anything special for Tayah?I know where has the time go brin back our babies!!

I'm so glad he has gone back to work!!I don't get anything done when he is home.

I hope we can catch up next week,any day but thursday.

Do you go on msn still?Have you been on facebook much?
How are you guys??

Thanks so much for the other night the kids and i had great time!It was so good to see you guys again Kai keeps asking when we will see Tyson again lol
How is the lil mans arm going?

Hey Chick,

It was good to see you and those beautiful children.It was great night and the kids played so well.Tyson keeps asking when Kai and Tayah are coming back.

Tarryn you and your family are always welcome at our place.

Tyson hand is a lot better and they are all out.(fingers crossed i can't seem to be able to find any more)

I hope to see you and the kids tomorrow.

Take care.xx

Hey Tarryn,

I hope everthing is going well for you and your family,i havenot heard from you for a little while please ring or send a text to let me know everything is ok.

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's day.

Hope to see you and the kids on Thursday.Just let me know if you and the kids are coming please.

Take care.
Hey Hun

Yay i have internet again yiippee lol

How are you guys?

Tayah's birthday this week very exciting:)

Talk soon

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