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hi just by looking round in all the rooms i see so many ozy mums getting to know each other and very few nz mums so thought i start a place for us(ozzys welcome too) my little girl is almost 5 mths and we just started solids today it was rather a huge thing for me and aimee(my daughter) wasnt really bothered with the whole situation, i worry that shes not ready and all that stuff you worry about,but thats what being a mum is all about i guess, we also are having our first night with our first cold(hence why im up at this hr) and im struggling with that, i cant bear to see her sick and unhappy, but i cant take it away can i. aaron(my partner) is away so its just me for the next few nights so hope to hear from some mums out there would love to chat
Hi Debbie,
I'm a Kiwi but I live in Sydney... I miss NZ soooo much! Where abouts do you live? I grew up in the Waikato but spent the last few years I was there in Auckland. I have lived in Sydney for nearly 4 years.
My little boy is coming up 23 months..
I hope your little girl feels better soon - and you both get some sleep!
Chat to you soon if you want!

Suz, NSW

Hi there,
My name is Lani & I live in Brisbane. My parents are from NZ & Tonga and I married a pakeha-kiwi from Christchurch - do I qualify for your discussion ? Ha ha.

I've got a 4yr boy named Taine and a 22mth old daughter named Jada. I'm also due with #3 in June. They are handfuls at the best of times!

Just wanted to say hi and to stay strong. Is Aimee your first child? It's all a big guessing game isn't it? Glad to chat anytime!

Anyways, hope your getting some more sleep.
Until next time! Lani

Lani 27, Taine 4, Jada 22mths, dued 06/06


nice to see a kiwi thread!!! My name is Tess I have a 4 and a half yr old girl Breana, and a 8 week old son Jacob. I live in Southland. Hope your wee girl is feeling better. Jacobs been a bit snuffly the last couple of days so hope hes not coming down with anything. Breana is happily washing her doll in the sink at the moment so a nice bit of peace and a coffee. Will be good to get to know you better and the others living in Oz. So HI to all


Tess, Breana and Jacob

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