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new member ready for a chat Lock Rss

I just joined this site today and l'm ready to chat with u about anything. My name is Tina, I'm 27y.old and the mother of a beautiful daughter called Jemma Rose. Jemma is 5 1/2 months old and is becoming very checky. I have found motherhood to be the most exciting time in my life yet the most challenging.

Looking forward to talking to u soon.

Tina, Vic

Hi Tina, I am a mum to a 14 month old boy Fletcher and i am also 27. Motherhood is great yet as you say can b quite challenging!!
I can promise you your lovely daughter will become even more cheeky as she gets older!! It is so much fun watching them grow learn and develop. Each stage is different and even though you can't wait for the next milestone they do grow up too quickly.
Bye for now, Janelle

Janelle Vic

write back soon johanne

YOU SEND ME ON [email protected] any time you like.....
Hello my name Johanne Chambers I got your Email from Huggies Exchange so I
would have to talk to any time I have told you about my self can you tell me
where you come from..

I came two Weeks early my water came on the Fridaynight about 11.00pm on
the friday And I had him on the Saturday At 2.00 pm but they had to induced
it was going no way at all i went for 12 Hours of labour I was so gald it
was over My mum and shane was there I could have it early but i was waiting
for my mum to come to be there with me she came at 9.00 on the saturday
moring they put the drip in then it was on then .. I had at Ipswich Hospital
they where so good .. And I was home on the Monday Night . . well i will
tell you about my self I been with SHANE for 4 years in Aug the 29 THIS
year I hope to get married We have talk about it . i WILL BE 27 ON THE 3 OCT

I like to go shopping and go for coffee any time with friends and with shane
have BBQ AND Dinner partys cook for peopls go for walks i like do any .. it
is nice to be a first time mum I will do it again any time but we are going
to do it in 2 3years HOPE TO HAVE ANTHER BABY BUT WE need a car to have a
anther baby I did;t know if i was haveing a boy all a girl we pick a boy
name ok but not a girl so next time round we are going to do any thing to
have a girl I from Brisane call Plainland but my family from bray park
Lawnton Strthpine do you know any of those places at all
[email protected]

hope to here from you soon......xxxxxxxxx

write back soon johanne

[email protected] plainland qld

hi tina, my name is debbie and i have a wee boy called casey who is 7months old. i have found motherhood to be wonderful and i'm ready for a chat.
look forward to talking to you.
Hi Tina,
My name is Celeste and I am 20 and mother to 5 month old baby girl Ella (who also is becoming very cheeky). I would love to chat!! I think motherhood is the best job in the world and love to watching my daughter grow and learn each day!!

celeste,wa,baby Ella

Hi debbie, thanks for the reply. Just a quick hi as Jemma is having a sleep and getting some time to yourself is getting fewer these days as Jemma is now wanting to play all the time. I enjoy our time but l love alone time to. I didn't think i would love staying home, i thought l would miss working well the stimulation of adult conversation and interaction but l don't miss it at all and l think l will find it hard to get back into the workforce. Life is wonderful, but still challanging.

talk to u soon

Tina, Vic

Hey Tina,
How are you dont i know exactly how you feel trying to do everything while there asleep for me has been one of the most difficult parts of motherhood.
I have always been so organised aswell as nurotically clean so im learning to be patient and slow the pace down even learning to relax has been hard.
I went straight from working 50 hours a week to having bub so ther hasnt been much time inbetween for me.
Im a proud mum of a 16 day old baby boy Alexander.
Like you said I also thought that id miss the interaction with others and the adult conversation.
I wouldnt give any of this up for the world.
I think being a mum has so many rewards
megan [email protected]
Hi Tina, I agree with you about work. I really enjoy being at home with my son. I'm still learning alot about the huggies site, their is so much to get into, and forget as well. hear from you. debbie
i love to chat with you i am on msn all the time love to chat

my msn chat is [email protected]

[email protected] plainland qld

hi my name is virpi.said viripi i am a mum to 3 boys ages 4,3,2 i would be happy to caht either here or by email on [email protected] bye for now

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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