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Hello Im new!!! Lock Rss

Hi everyone im 25yrs old and a first time mum and loving it.We live in Perth W.A.My daughters name is Kaitlin and my fiance is Jason.
Would love to hear from everyone out there for general chit chat or problem solving.
Hope to chat with you all soon.
friendliest regards

kasey, W.A first timemum


YOU SEND ME ON [email protected] any time you like.....
Hello my name Johanne Chambers I got your Email from Huggies Exchange so I
would have to talk to any time I have told you about my self can you tell me
where you come from..

I came two Weeks early my water came on the Fridaynight about 11.00pm on
the friday And I had him on the Saturday At 2.00 pm but they had to induced
it was going no way at all i went for 12 Hours of labour I was so gald it
was over My mum and shane was there I could have it early but i was waiting
for my mum to come to be there with me she came at 9.00 on the saturday
moring they put the drip in then it was on then .. I had at Ipswich Hospital
they where so good .. And I was home on the Monday Night . . well i will
tell you about my self I been with SHANE for 4 years in Aug the 29 THIS
year I hope to get married We have talk about it . i WILL BE 27 ON THE 3 OCT

I like to go shopping and go for coffee any time with friends and with shane
have BBQ AND Dinner partys cook for peopls go for walks i like do any .. it
is nice to be a first time mum I will do it again any time but we are going
to do it in 2 3years HOPE TO HAVE ANTHER BABY BUT WE need a car to have a
anther baby I did;t know if i was haveing a boy all a girl we pick a boy
name ok but not a girl so next time round we are going to do any thing to
have a girl I from Brisane call Plainland but my family from bray park
Lawnton Strthpine do you know any of those places at all
[email protected]

hope to here from you soon......xxxxxxxxx

write back soon johanne

[email protected] plainland qld

Hi there my name is Lisa and aways interested in meeting new people and having a general chat.

Talk to you soon

Hi johanne,
Well you know who i am but i will share a bit more about who i am.
My name is Kasey and i am 24 soon to be 25 on the 11 August. I live with my fiance Jason and our 10 1/2 month old daughter Kaitlin in Perth W.A
I was only 5 days early but had to have an emergency c-section, my placenta had moved away from 6the wall so i was bleeding and bubby was in distress.Kaitlin was a small baby 5lb 9oz, and a little sick when she arrived. She spent the first day in a humi crib and then 2 days later under uv lights.I had her at a small comunity hospital in bentley and all the midwifes were fantastic. After a 6 day stay i was ready to come home.
Jason and i are planning our wedding now to be held on New Years Eve 2004-2005. So its going to be one huge party. Good luck with all the arrangements, i know how frustrating it can all be!~!!
We definately want more kids but not until after the wedding and Kaitlin will be going on 3yrs. Having her was the best thing that ever happened to us and want the same experience the next time around.
Answer to your question no i dont know any of those places!! sounds sad doesnt it! i have travelled overseas but nowhere in australia, apart from adelaide where i was born but came to Perth when i was very young so dont even remember that.
Well it was great chatting if i dont hear from you soon i will send through to your e-mail address otherwise quite happy to message through this site.
Friendliest regards hope to chat again soon

kasey, W.A first timemum

Hi Lisa
Well it was nice to get a message from you. I will tell you little about myself.
My name is Kasey and i am 24 turning 25 11 August.
I live with my fiance Jason and our 10 1/2 month old daughter Kaitlin In Perth W.A.
Being a first time mum has come very easy to me and i have enjoyed every minute of it. Getting married on New Years Eve 2004- 2005 so plan to have more kids after that. I want only 2 but Jason wants 3 so we have a bit of talking to do and we will see what happens.
So where do you live, how many kids etc
all the goss on yourself please!!!!!
nice to chat hope to talk again soon
Friendliest regards

kasey, W.A first timemum

Hey Kasey,

Nice to see that there is someone else on here from Perth smile

My name is Deb and I have 2 boys, Jacob DOB 01/03/01 and Bradley 25/03/02. They keep me on the run, but I think that they are finally starting to play with each other. I too will be 25 in August. I'm on most days and my e-mail is [email protected]

Deb smile
Hi Deb,
Great to hear from you.What date in August!!!!!
Now were your two boys planned to get them so close together, or was it a surprise!!
I am also on most days and my email is [email protected]
Write anytime would love to chat.

kasey, W.A first timemum

Hi Kasey (baby huey) My name is sue. I live in NSW Penrith area. I have 3 kids under 5 years old. Matthew 4, Sarah 3 next month September 2003 & Jessica 10 months old. I would love to get a e-mail from you. My e-mail is [email protected] We can talk about anything. Problems or just general stuff I don't care I am a good listener.

sue keeffe. nsw.

Sue, NSW, 3 Kids

Hi Sue,
Great to hear from you. i have added your email to my list. would love to chat anytime mine is
[email protected] My daughter is 1 on the 15th september what date does Sarah turn 3?
Virgo babies dont you just love them. My partner is also a virgo and they are wonderful people.
Hope to talk soon

kasey, W.A first timemum

Hey Kasey,

Things must be getting busy with plans for your daughters birthday. smile

I was also wondering if you got the email that I sent last week?

Hi Kasey,

I'm new too & a first time mum! My name is Jess, i'm 24, living in S.A. with my husband Shaun & our beautiful little boy Zane (6 months old). How old is Kaitlin?
so do you have lots of sleepless nights or is kaitlin a little angel? Zane was sleeping through the night at 8 weeks but now he gets up alot during the night - teething i think, he has been for a while but still no teeth. Does Kaitlin have any?
Zane has been a bit grizzly today, we think he is over tierd and needs a big sleep.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Jess, SA, 6mth baby

Hi Deb,
Im so sorry with all the plans and my partner going away i had totally forgotten to write back to anyone. Im so sorry!!!!

kasey, W.A first timemum

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