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What an excellent way to get in touch with other mums...I have seen other sites but are often located o/s, so there are no real local contacts.

Hi, my name is Amanda, I have a 3yr old Ryan and one on way @ 24 weeks. Would love to chat with and meet up with any mums out there. I live in the Picton, NSW area and is a bit quiet, social wise sometimes. my email is

Amanda, Ryan 4 Ashley 5 months

Hi Amand im new to the forums as well.
Im cyndii 26 mum of 5.
i live in Canberra with my hubby and kids.
I used to be on yahoo pregnancy chat but found it was full of whiney
Congrats on bub #2 hope all goes well.
My youngest is 2 weeks old and my oldest is 7.Happy yo email and chat.

Cheers Cyndii

Mum to 3 little Hobbits and 2 Beautiful Princesses

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