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Hello to everyone reading this. I'm Tracey and I'm a 24 year old mum to 9 and a half month old Lilly. She's an absolutely gorgeous girl but already such a challenge. Her latest 'thing' is to crawl around the house being too quick for me to keep up with her and pull everything out of the cupboards and throw it all over the floor. If I have the door shut she'll just have a tantrum until I open it for her! So as you can probably tell, I, like most mothers are feeling absolutelty exhausted!
Right now she is having a sleep (always a challenge to get her down!) so I'm taking advantage of this opportunity and hoping to meet some other mums to have a chat.

Tracey, mum to Lilly born 14/12/03

Hi tracy

My name is Bobbie and I am a new member as well. I am a 22 year old Mum Abbie 2 and Logan 1 and am pregnant with our third. Having 2 kids less than 12 months apart is quite a challenge but I enjoy it.

If you would like you can email me at

Bobbie QLD, Abbie 2, Logan 1 and due 06/05/05

Hi my name is Alison and I am also a new member. I am 28 and mum to Caitlin 17mths and I'm also pregnant with my 2nd baby due in May 05.

Alison, NSW, 2 girls 3 & 1

Hi Tracey,
Iam An, Iam not so much a new member buit quite new though, i have a 19mth old daughter
we also are from Melbourne

Ann - Mummy To Taneesha, Jesse & Hallie

Whoops that was ment to say Ann not An and also i forgot to say iam 21,lol

Ann - Mummy To Taneesha, Jesse & Hallie

Hi tracey

I am early 20's, from melbourne, and i have a 10 month old son!! where are you from?

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

Hi Tracey
I am a recent new member too and am wanting to meet other mums to chat to.
I don't have any girls but I looked after my god daughter a lot and I really really want a girl.
I have 3 boys and I have to say that it would be so muchfun to play dress ups and doing their hair, and the clothes you guys can buy for girls is amazing, there is so much more variety.
I adore my boys, they are rowdy, rough and get dirty all the time, all of which I think is great but a girl would be nice as well. I live in newcastle , have lived in wagga wagga, also Mackay and Airlie Beach, and am enjoying what newcastle has to offer.
Lilly sounds like a lot of fun and Im looking forward to my 3 month old being able to do those things.(ha ha).
If any one wants to email me my address is

wendy,newcastle, 14yr, 12yr, 5yr, 1years old boys

Hi there Tracey

I am a new member as well. I had my first child 29.7.2004....a little boy named Jayden. He is a cutie. Im hoping to meet & chat with some mums, I am 28 years of age. Im getting into more of a routine now, so things dont seem as bad.

I like the name Lilly it is very nice girls name. Is she your first child ?

Hope to hear from you

8 month old

oops.. my email is

8 month old

my name is jennie. i have a 1 year old girl. Her name is Simran. i am 19, and expecting my second due 10th january 05. i'm not really a new member, but would love to talk to you. i am from sydney

Hi Jennie

So do you know what you are having ?

8 month old

Hi Tracey and Little Lilly, my name is Jodie I am 30 and I have an 8 month old boy Jayden.He has just started crawling and is learning how to open up cupboards etc aswell ( he hasn't mastered throwing things on the floor yet but I am sure when he reaches Lilly's age he will, yay! something to look forward to!(yeh right)... he is however mastering having a tanty when I take something away from him though!) I too am exhausted keeping tabs on him, especially when he follows my dogs practically out the door, I never know when or where he is going to strike next. Unfortunately too he is teething (we are up to the third one now) and has been quite "shirty" shall we say.My poor little buddy,I do LOVE him dearly and is the best thing ever to have happened to me but what a handful!!!!
If you ever want to chat my email is
Please note there are three "e"s
Hope to hear from you soon
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