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mum with 3 chilren to chat Lock Rss

hi hi all the mums out there live to chat with any one got 3 chilren 2 4 and 2 weeks old love to hear from you out there thanks lisa 100
Hi there Lisa I have three children Son nearly 12 daughter nearly10 son 21mth another one due in july. I come from Adelaide where are you from. You have your hands full with them all at home . Its nice have sometime at home when the older ones are at school but they are a great help. Karen

KAREN - R 16/94 M 31/96 L 8/04 L 12/06

hi lisa....

my name is Lisa also.... i have a 6mnth old son named owen n a 4 year old daughter named michaela..... how old are you? i am 18...... n i live in northern suburbs.... of adelaide.... how about you? f ud like to chat more here is my email.... hope to chat soon.....

Hello Lisa

i would love to chat as i am also a mother of 3 and their ages are 5 year old girl 2 year old boy and a 7 month old girl
I am 25 years old and live in sydney where are you from

Hayley 27/10/00, Daniel 17/11/03, Emily 09/11/05

hi lisa,

i have 3 girls. 3, 20 months and 5 1/2 months. id love to chat if you're interested. im in brisbane, where abouts are you?

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