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looking for penpal emails and letters Lock Rss

i am a 22 yo mum of a 2 and a half yo boy and a 3mth old girl
i live on a dairy farm near shepparton and dont get out much and its gets a little lonely here sometimes
i am looking for a penpal to chat to and share those mummy tips with if youre interested pls email me
[email protected]
hi missy, tryed to send an email, but it wouldnt send, contact me [email protected] if you like

Baby Teashia Born in May

would love to keep in touch, my email is [email protected]

Emma 31/7/03, Daniel 11/1/06

Hi Missy, I would love to email someone regularly.
email me at [email protected] and tell me about yourself please!!

Karen,WA,Emily born 4th June

HI! Im am 23 with 2 children aged 4.5 and 3 and am pregnant with my third..(due in march). Feel free to email me anytime for a chat. I live on the goldcoast and have only been here for just over a year now and still dont know anyone down here.
[email protected]

Hope to chat soon
My name is Andrea, I'm a 27yo mum of a 10wk old baby girl named Tarni. I would love to chat on email or write letters to you. Email me on [email protected]
Hope to hear from you soon
Hi, My name is Liz I'm a 21 year old mother of twin boys (7weeks). If you would like to chat email me - [email protected]

I look forward to hearing from you
my eamail is [email protected]

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi, I also live in the country in a town called Murray Bridge and can understand how lonely it can get. I am 23 and have two girls aged 2 and 4. So if ever you want to chat you can contact me on [email protected] or [email protected]
hope to chat soon

mum of three girls (99,02,06)

Hi my name is Heidi i am 24 and pregnant with number 4 I live in Brisbane but have lived all over Australia, Travelling for Hubbys work would like to make some new friends you can either reply on here or at [email protected]

my children are Bethany 4 1/2
Abbi 3
and Zoe 1

Looking forward to chating soon

Beth8Abbi7Zoe5Dani3Evan2madi 1mth

hi im mandy 20 with 2yr old boy if you want to write via snail mail please email me at [email protected] write hi mandy in subejt please and i'll get back to you love to hear from anyone
Hi missy
how are u. my name is liz and i'm 23. And i have 4 girls. Michelle is 61/2 years old, Markita is 4 years old, Skye is 2 years old and Ashley is 6 weeks old.
If u or annyone whant 2 chat my e-mail address is
[email protected]
Take Care.

Liz(♥mumof5girls♥) . I Love my family

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