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our little ones are only 10 days apart, danial was due on the 19th but decided to come late.

at the moment danial has 8 teeth, walks or should i say runs every where, i can't keep up. he hasn't said any words yet so i am still waiting for that first word.

he sleeps thorugh the night thanks to a week stay at tressillian, he was a shocking sleeper when he was younger. he has the worst temper and seems to have major tantrums if i stop him doing something he screams and throws himself on the floor, i dread to think what he will be like when he is two.

i can't believe he will be one next month this year has certinaly gone fast. do you remember when you bought your little brandon home and now he will be one.!!!!!! are you having a birthday party for him? hope you are having a good day, take care


diane, nsw, 11mth baby

Hi Diane,

Brandon was due on the 18th and born on the 18th!! Clever little bugger he was smile

Brandon has 6 teeth but i can see another couple starting to sprout up ... but who knows how long they'll take smile Brandon is walking like a champion ... he is so cute, he walks so fast sometimes I'm worried he'll hurt himself (all part of growing up hey)!!

Brandon has a bit of a vocabulary at the moment ... cat, dog, fish (we have all these as pets smile ) bye-bye, hello, mama, dada, ta, no ... probably some others i can't recall just at the moment smile

Brandon has started with the tanrums ... if he is angry, anything you give him will be thrown on the floor ... he is a bit of a biter too (but he only bites me, no1 else)!!

We are going to have a party for his first birthday ... we were going to just have a bbq at home, but it looks like there will be 30-40 people so we'll probably just go to a park instead!!

How about you guys??

x Brandons_mum x (he he)

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

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